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Posted by Beeraj Jhummun on Apr 21, 2011
Spin Frenzy for iOS – Innovative Puzzle Game

Spin Frenzy for iOS – Innovative Puzzle Game

Cristi Habliuc, who brought you the “How Drunk” BAC calculator app for the iPhone, today is excited to announce the release of his latest iPhone/iPod touch arcade puzzle game, “Spin Frenzy“.  The game is absolutely beautiful and stands out with a unique gameplay and beautiful graphics. If that sounds interesting, why not give it a try?  Head over to the  iTunes App Store immediately.  The game’s concept is simple: you are given a number of fruits which you have to pair in order to score points. You touch fruits that are lined up in front of you, which will cause the group formed by the first to the touched fruit to spin, reversing positions. When the fruits make a pair of at least 3, you get points for it.  Kinda similar to a game of jackpot aye?

Combo moves are rewarded heavily, so you’ll want to keep looking at the upcoming fruits in order to chain those pairs. The game has Game Center integration, which means you’ll be able to enjoy achievements as you go, as well as a High Scores section which you can use to compare your scores with friends and other players.

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