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Posted by Alexander Bader on May 12, 2011
‘StackPad’ Review for iPad

‘StackPad’ Review for iPad

It can be challenging enough to find a fitting wallpaper, and not everyone can create a visually appealing iPad background using Photoshop. Google Images is riddled with plenty photos and designs with unruly resolutions and pixelated features.  Sure, some dedicated applications offer plenty of options, but none of them are truly “you”.  That’s where the ‘StackPad’ wallpaper creator comes in.  The designer’s intutive interface lets users alter their current background, add in multiple images, or even create a new experience altogether.

At a glance, Erwin Zwart’s ‘StackPad’ appears overly complicated and challenging.  I was initially worried that it would take hours to learn inside and out.  It didn’t.  In fact, ‘StackPad’ sports one of the most revolutionary interfaces I have used, one that most will pick up immediately.

As noted above, creating original wallpapers with ‘StackPad’ is surprisingly easy.  Users have the ability to select from a multitude of premade backgrounds and fill the palette with as many images as they desire, provided they are saved to the iPads memory.  Simplistic navigation and robust customization features make all this even easier.

‘StackPad’ includes complete multitouch support, so adjusting image sizes and cropping that tourist from your favorite family memory is no problem.  Despite some minute performance issues found throughout the initial release, the developer has been able to iron out the majority of the bugs.

Want to cover your home screen with multiple pictures from your most recent family vacation?  This app is for you.  Tired of the same old wallpapers?  This app is most definitely for you.  ‘StackPad‘ is an intuitive application perfect for anyone looking to personalize their Apple iPad.

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