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Posted by Alexander Bader on May 12, 2011
iOS Gets Basic ‘Amazon Cloud Player’ Support

iOS Gets Basic ‘Amazon Cloud Player’ Support

Amazon’s Cloud Player service originally launched with only Android compatibility, but the most recent update quietly added basic iOS support. For those iOS users who have created a free Amazon Cloud Drive account, you can now stream music on Apple devices too.

While Amazon doesn’t offer a native iOS app for its Cloud Player similar to the one developed for devices running Android, Apple fanatics can still rock out to Cloud tracks via Safari.

To get Amazon’s Cloud Player working on an iPhone or iPad, you first have to point your iPhone or iPad to the official Amazon Cloud Player site.  While a warning page that notes you have an incompatible browser will open, simply ignore it and tap “proceed anyway”.

From there you’re in. You can now view, play, and delete your songs stored within Amazon’s Cloud service.

Amazon’s web application additionally works with iOS multitasking and volume controls, so users can listen to music while composing an email or trying to beat their ‘DoodleJump’ high score. If a call comes through, the music player will automatically pause as if you were listening iOS’s native iPod app.

Of course, you can’t rearrange songs or upload music because such functionality requires Adobe Flash.  While the service may be flawed, basic iPhone and iPad compatibility should be enough for iOS users until Apple unveils its own rumored cloud service.

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