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Posted by Alexander Bader on May 19, 2011
“Google Search” Improved with Update

“Google Search” Improved with Update

Google has launched an update for its iOS search app that includes some performance improvements and a new look and feel. ‘Google Search’, which launched in March, looked to offer an intuitive and streamlined search experience.

Software engineer Nirav Savjani claims the most recent update made the app more responsive and improved search result clarity. “This version of Google Search app is up to 20% more responsive as you type search queries and interact with it,” Savjani posted on Google’s mobile blog.

“As part of the speed improvements, a feature called ‘Just Talk’ will now be off by default. Just Talk allowed you to search via voice just by bringing the phone to your ear and speaking rather than tapping the microphone icon. Turning off this feature may improve app performance, though you can easily re-enable it under the Voice Search settings menu.”

“When searching on a phone, the small screen sometimes makes it difficult to read small fonts or to tap precisely on a link,” Savjani continued. “To help you read and tap with ease, we’ve made the font of our search results bigger and the entire search result is now a tap target rather than just the link.”

Users can now open the search bar by swiping down while viewing search results. The app also features a redesigned toolbar makes filtering search results even easier. Users can access said toolbar by swiping left to right before searching or while browsing results.

Google Search‘ can be downloaded from the App Store for free.

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