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Posted by Alexander Bader on Jun 5, 2011
X-Men Launches on iOS App Store

X-Men Launches on iOS App Store

If arcades are your thing, you probably remember the X-Men classic machines from the 1990s. The game supported up to four players, and after feeding it a couple of quarters, gamers could pick their favorite mutant and beat up on enemies for hours. Now iOS users can experience the magic on the iPhone and iPad with ‘X-Men: The Arcade Game’ for iOS.

The application, a $2.99 universal download from the App Store, can be played it on both your iPhone and iPad as long as they are tied to one iTunes account. After installing the game, you can fire it up for some side scrolling action that offers plenty of nostalgia.

Players are able to choose from the some of the most famous members of the X-Men, everyone from Wolverine and Storm to Nightcrawler and Cyclops. They will then fight through waves upon waves of bad guys, sentinels, and classic enemies such The Blob, the White Queen, and Pyro.

The game includes Game Center support, which lets you can share and compare your high scores and achievements with your friends.

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