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Posted by Alexander Bader on Jul 13, 2011
AT&T Announces International Data Roaming Packages

AT&T Announces International Data Roaming Packages

AT&T has announced the company’s revised international data roaming packages for smartphone users. While they aren’t up to par with Verizon and Sprint, the package options are certainly more appealing than before.

AT&T’s Bill Hague confirmed the packages during a press conference Tuesday. “Mobile data is a huge part of our customers’ wireless experience – whether they are in the United States or traveling around the globe,” the Executive Vice President of International, AT&T Mobility, and Consumer Markets explained. “We’ve long offered more phones that can be internationally than our competitors, and now we’re delivering industry leading value with redesigned international data packages.”

The previous rates are as follows, for comparison sake:

20MB Package for $24.99/Month

50MB Package for $59.99/Month

100MB Package for $119.99/Month

200MB Package for $199.99/Month

Outrageous, right? The revised packages:

50MB Package for $24.99/Month

125MB Package for $49.99/Month

275MB Package for $99.99/Month

800MB Package for $199.99/Month

While the new rates are a bit more reasonable, wouldn’t it make more sense to purchase an unlocked iPhone direct from Apple, especially if you’re a heavy data user?

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