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Posted by Alexander Bader on Jul 14, 2011
Eternity Warriors Review

Eternity Warriors Review

Eternity Warriors is a fast-paced, single player melee game. The player takes on the role of a burly, red-headed warrior killing demons as quickly as possible, with back up support from his burly, green-headed brother

The plot, what little there is, says that demons have invaded the Cave of Mordana, and it’s up to this warrior to defeat them, and clean out the cave. And defeat them, and clean out the cave. And defeat them, and clean out the cave. . . Waves of demon enemies make up each campaign, called an “onslaught”, and it all takes place in the same cave, with the same enemies, visuals and sounds. The only thing that changes is the hero’s gear.

There are some skull piles and chests to loot for health potions, but no items or gold drop from the enemies. As demons are killed, their souls are automatically collected, and at the end of the onslaught (ie: the hero’s death), these souls are traded in for (“forged” into) gold. The gold can be spent in the store, for better weapons and armor, made available as the character levels up.

Watch out in the store, though. The option is there to buy gold packs, but there is no price listed. When I clicked on one to see how much it was, I was asked to confirm that I wanted to make that purchase for $2.99. That felt a bit shady to me, as if Glu Games was trying to sneak a purchase out of me.



The onslaughts go on indefinitely, with wave after wave of demons to kill, and won’t end up until the hero dies. With health potions available as drops and for purchase, each onslaught can take quite a while. When returning to the game, the player is given the option to move to the next onslaught, if the level requirements have been met, or replay previous battles.

Facebook friends can be added to your “clan”, by visiting the tavern. When friends are added, the player has the option to choose a friend’s character to be the backup, with the potential to bring on high level characters to help out. In addition, a player can earn bonuses for using a friend’s character. I didn’t try this feature, having no friends that play, but I like the idea. While not exactly co-op play, it does give the game a feeling of camaraderie between players.

I was disappointed in the controls. The are easy to use, and respond well, but there is no left hand option. The controls are glued to the right hand side of screen, with the virtual joystick on the left. Though not left handed, I prefer to play with my main hand doing the moving and my left tap-tap-taping the attack button. It’s a personal preference, but it is nice when developers think about their southpaw players, or the occasional oddball like me.

Because all the action takes place in the one cave, the graphics got boring quickly. All purples and blues and blacks, without the ability to pan in and out, and never changing. . . New locations for each onslaught would benefit this game tremendously.

The animations are fun, though, with the hero whirling and slashing through a variety of different powers, and the sidekick hacking away beside him. The mobs didn’t do anything special, animation-wise, but they did die well.

Unfortunately, when the messages pop up about leveling or new powers earned, it only takes a slight tap closes them, instead of a tap on a specific spot. When the play is intense, the constant tapping of attack powers causes the messages to close as soon as they pop up, without getting read. Since the game pauses when these pop up, it would be nice if it took a planned tap on a “continue” button, so that the message could be absorbed.

Eternity Warriors is a freemium game, and there are ads. Happily, they don’t show during the actual game play and are only visible on the main screen and location screens. This is a definite plus and a considerate feature by Glu Games.

Eternity Warriors delivers enjoyable, fast-paced slaughtering, but no depth. As a free game, it’s worth a download for an onslaught or two, but isn’t a game that will have players eager to return.

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