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Posted by Alexander Bader on Jul 17, 2011
Tweetbot Update Adds Experimental Push Notifications

Tweetbot Update Adds Experimental Push Notifications

Tapbots, the developer studio behind ‘Tweetbot’, has updated their popular twitter application to include push notification support. Although a highly anticipated feature, push notification capability will only be available to the first 1,000 users who update their Tweetbot settings.

The push notifications service can be enabled from the settings menu, where users can choose to enable notifications for incoming mentions, follows, and replies. However, since it’s still in the “experimental” stage, not everyone can get it right away. As noted above, Tapbots is only allowing 1,000 Twitter accounts to access push notifications this time around.

To register your device for push, turn on at least one of the switches in the push notification settings. It’s all on a first-come-first-serve basis and if you have access to push and turn them all off, someone else may take your spot.

While push notifications are a solid addition to an already great Twitter client, Tapbots has made it clear that the feature is hardly refined, let alone accessible to all iOS users.

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