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Posted by Alexander Bader on Jul 29, 2011
Apple to Market OLED TV in 2012?

Apple to Market OLED TV in 2012?

While the Apple TV has a lot going for it, Apple wants to take the idea of bringing iOS to your television one step further. Smarthouse has reported that Apple is looking to acquire rights to multiple American television shows with the goal of releasing a branded television set sometime next year. The reported 55 inch OLED set will apparently utilize iOS for navigation purposes.

LG, the same company that manufactures the displays for current Mac devices, will apparently produce the rumored Apple televisions. Considering that LG is already in the television market, the idea of melding the two technology giants for such a project doesn’t seem too out of line.

Porting a mobile operating system to a television set isn’t exactly an original idea (Google TV), although it is certainly something Apple has yet to venture into.

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