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Posted by Alexander Bader on Aug 26, 2011

Apple Reportedly Starts iPhone 5 Commercial Shooting

Apple is reportedly in the process of filming the first commercial for the next iPhone handset. While the iPhone 5 commercial is said to be underway, it won’t be ready until early October. The commercial’s timing makes sense, and gives credence to the device’s anticipated October release date.

AppleInsider claims that TBWAChiaDay, an advertising agency with prior ties to Apple, has been contracted to develop and film the iPhone 5 commercial campaign. The advertisement is expected to be completed within the first week of October, in line with most launch date predictions.

Apple typically films device commercials early — the iPhone 4 release commercial was filmed 5 weeks prior to the handset’s launch. If Apple is already making the next iPhone 5 commercial, it lines up will with most iPhone 5 release date timelines.

Should consumers expect a more expansive ad campaign if Apple really is introducing the iPhone 5 alongside a more economical 8GB device?

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