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Posted by Alexander Bader on Oct 22, 2011

Gore: AT&T Will Have Difficulty Overcoming Department of Justice Motion

While AT&T continues to fight a legal battle with the Department of Justice to move forward with its ambitious T-Mobile takeover, former Vice President Al Gore expressed skepticism about the pending deal moving forward.

Speaking at the AsiaD conference yesterday, Gore said that it’s rare for the Department of Justice to fight against a merger with such aggression, according to This is My Next.

“Well … it’s going to be reviewed,” Gore explained to the audience. “My guess is that the Justice Department so rarely undertakes an initiative like the one they took against that merger. I think it’ll be hard to overturn that measure. Both companies will try to put it back together, but they’d be well advised to start looking at other strategies.”

Gore also spoke briefly regarding the passing of Steve Jobs. “There’s no one like Steve,” he said. “He’s the kind of guy that comes along once every 250 years. He was totally unique. So obviously his death is a terrible loss for the entire world. And we’ll all miss him. But his legacy lives on.”

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