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Posted by Dr. Guide on Feb 5, 2012
Impossible Test Christmas Guide (Walkthrough / Solutions / Answers)

Impossible Test Christmas Guide (Walkthrough / Solutions / Answers)

The Impossible Test Christmas is the new Holiday incarnation of the Impossible Test series from PixelCUBE Studios. Along with The Impossible Test, The Impossible Test Space and The Impossible Test Water, and The Impossible Test Summer, this title again asks you a series of quiz type questions that you must answer. Similar to titles like the Moron Test, the questions are a bit tricky in nature. Here is the full solution guide to help you get through the game:



1. Just shake your device.

2. Move the word “off” on too the tree.

3. When the present is at the respective places at the snowball, press the snowball until it bursts.

4. Tap the present.

5. From the number they gave you, count till December 25th HORIZONTALLY.

6. Slide the sleigh to the extreme left, then it’ll launch.

7. Drag the word “Stuff” to the stocking.

8. Drag the word “Snow” to the word “Angel”. After that, keep swiping your fingers in the centre of the screen.

9. Pull the stars away until you see a red button. Tap on it.

10. Turn your device upside down.

11. Follow instructions.

12. Tap the icicles as it drops.

13. Find a nail near the left side of your device, drag it to the door, and put the wreath on it.

14. Touch the hats with the first three colours, then tap the word “Yellow”.

15. Drag the colours Red, Yellow and Blue to the word “Chimney”.

16. Drag the cup away and press “HEAT”.

17. Answer is 25.

18. I usually find all of the mittens on one side, then turn my device upside down and find the rest.

19. Click on the letters that spell GINGERBREAD in ORDER.

20. Press “BAKE”, then use the arrows to set it to 425 degrees.

21. The order is Orange, Green, Red and finally Blue.

22. Press the word “SNOWMAN” twice, then put the small one on the bigger one. After doing that, tap the word “SNOWMAN” again, this time putting it on the top. Tap where the snowman’s hands ON THE RIGHT should be, then it’s face and hat. AFTER that, tap where the snowman’s hands ON THE LEFT should be.

23. Tap the chimney until it becomes larger, then slide the word down to the chimney.

24. Tap each new snowflake QUICKLY.

25. Tap the one on the ultimate right, then the second to the left, then the ultimate left and the last one left.

26. Shake your device and count the candy canes. If you can’t, the answer is thirty-six.

27. Just switch the places until it becomes Blitz, Comet, Cupid, Dancer, Dasher, Donner, Prancer, Rudolph then Vixen.

28. Tap the ornaments then their string holder (the black thing with the loop) is facing upwards, which will make it stop. Then, drag the word string to each ornament and shake your device.

29. Tap the fourth star.

30. Tap the sixth star.


Thanks to JoshuaC for sending in this info.


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