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Posted by Travis Wahlstetd on Apr 5, 2011
Mr.AahH!! Review

Mr.AahH!! Review

Mr.AahH is simplistic game where you play a stick figure as he swings from platform to platform. The premise is simple, but the gameplay is surprisingly addictive.


There is no story, no character development, no unlockable grenade launcher, just a stick figure, a rope, a platform with a bull’s-eye, and a high score.  That’s all you really need to have to have lots of fun in Mr.AahH. You start on a platform and three inches to your right is another platform that’s color coded with a tiny red dot in the middle of the platform. Your goal is to get to that little red dot. To help you accomplish this mighty goal, a rope plots down. Now you must swing your way over the gap and touch your screen to have your stick man release the rope in time to land perfectly on the red dot. If your stick man misses the dot he gets points for the closer to the center he landed. As you progress the difficultly ramps up. Platforms get smaller and smaller, wind picks up in different directions, and gravity starts to freak out. Now timing becomes even more important because you must release the rope in time to hit the platform while also taking into account that gravity is fifteen times lighter and wind is going seven points to the right. If you miss the platform entirely, that’s ok; you have three chances before you reach game over. Once you run out of lives you see how you stacked up against yourself on previous attempts, as well as how you rank in the world (which can sometimes be very depressing when you think you are doing great and see your 8000th on the leaderboards.)

Mr.AahH is a game made to be played in short bursts. There is no long term game here. What the game does have is a great retro/trance soundtrack, pretty addictive gameplay, and online leader boards. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the new Angry Birds (Actually I think this has been out longer than Angry Birds, but the comparison stays the same.) You won’t whittle away hours of your life to this game. You’ll play it for an hour or two and then forget about it. But for those two hours, you have a great time. Besides, it’s free, and you can’t beat free.

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