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Viking vs. Chickens Review

Viking vs. Chickens is a game from Uplay Mobile Entertainment. The premise of the game is that you are a Viking on a small plain that has to go and collect chickens eggs while dodging attacking chickens. You compete to get a high score while just dodging chickens and collecting eggs… That’s...
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Flip Ship Review

Flip Ship from ByteSize Games is what you would get if Ikaruga and Geometry Wars had a baby. You use the color system of Ikaruga set on a flat 2D Geometry Wars like surface. While it does have its issues, Flip Ship is definitely worth a download. The color system that Ikaruga employed was that you could...
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Where’s My Water? Review

Where’s My Water? Review Where’s My Water is a very deceptive game. When I first saw it in the app store, I saw that it was made by Disney and that it starred an alligator. I definitely wasn’t expecting much because a puzzle game with a harmless looking alligator from Disney seemed like something I wouldn’t be...
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