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Cut the Rope Review

Cut the Rope Review Cut the Rope is one of my favorite iOS game, not that I think it’s the Angry Birds killer but its one of those games that you could play over and over again.  The game itself is packed with over 10 different levels and more levels are being released by the developer.  The game is amazing, your...
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Angry Birds Achievement List

Angry Birds Achievement List A full achievement list for Angry Birds to help track down and get every achievement. Angry Birds uses Game Center for it's achievements. There are 57 achievements in all worth a total of 700 points.
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Dead Space Review

Dead Space Review Scary games just aren’t my thing. I can’t handle Silent Hill, and my ideal Resident Evil time is between 12-4 PM with the lights on and a podcast going in the background. So going into Dead Space took a little bit of courage on my part to get the app started. Now that I’m back from In...
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Coladia Announces Valentine’s Day iPad Sale

Coladia Announces Valentine’s Day iPad Sale Coladia, the Paris-based developer renowned for their phenomenal adventure games, has announced that all of their iPad-based action games will be on sale up until Valentine’s Day. Two of their strongest titles, Destination: Treasure Island and Secret of the Last Cavern are among the titles being...
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Oregon Trail Review

Oregon Trail Review When I hear the name Oregon Trail, I flash back to middle school, sitting in the computer lab, pretending like I was doing work whenever the teacher came in, when in reality, I was cursing Jonathon for getting dysentery yet again. That’s the image that always pops into my head whenever I hear Oregon...
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Telltale Games iPad Sale

Telltale Games iPad Sale Telltale Games have put their four iPad games on sale again from now until Feb. 10, 2011. Each title will now cost you $2.99 (down from $5.99+). The titles are:  Monkey Island Tales 1 HD   Puzzle Agent HD   Sam & Max Episode 1: The Penal Zonefor iPad   Wallace & Gromit...
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