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Farm Story Review

Farm Story Review Let’s be honest with each other. Looking at the name, we both know what I’m going to say. If you’d like more detail, then read on, but you’ll probably be content with this: Yup, it sucks. Farm Story is, for all intents and purposes, a shameless copy of FarmVille. You plow the...
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Zen Bound Review

Zen Bound Review Zen Bound approaches iOS gaming with a humble, unobtrusive, and visionary style. With a simple premise, a mellow soundtrack, and compelling gameplay, Zen Bound is not simply a great game, but the best of what iOS has to offer. The premise, as I said, is simple. A wooden animal figurine is presented to...
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Tap Town Guide

Tap Town Guide Need some help with Tap Town? Check out this guide to master the game!
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