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Posted by Dr. Guide on Aug 30, 2013
Clash of Clans Guide, Cheats, Hints & Tips

Clash of Clans Guide, Cheats, Hints & Tips

Welcome to our guide, full of cheats, tips, tricks, strategies and more for Clash of Clans! We cover the game from start to finish.






Cannons – Cheap and easy to upgrade these are your main means of attack and defense. Use them to protect your other towers and buildings by putting them in shooting range. Cannons however cannot attack air units so when you’re attacking another player use air units if possible to take their cannons out with ease.


Archer Tower – These are ideal for both ground AND air units and they pack a more powerful punch than the cannons.


Mortars – Cannot target air troops but are ideal for defending your camp. If an enemy is fast your Mortar will more than likely miss as it takes about 1 second for the Mortar to reach its target, however with its splash damage and range its perfect for defending against large group assaults.


Wizard Tower – This is basically your upgraded Mortar only with a few downfalls, it can attack both air and ground troops and packs a bigger punch than the Mortar, however its range is more limited.


Air Defense – These can attack air units ONLY, so ground units can simply run up and attack Air Defenses with ease. The downfall is that Air Defenses can only shoot 1 unit at a time but is very powerful. So make sure to surround these with walls or Towers.


Hidden Tesla – The Tesla is a hidden spring trap that will deploy when an enemy comes in range (6 tiles). It can attack both air and ground units but does double the damage to P.E.K.K.A’s and make them their #1 target. After a Hidden Tesla is deployed it will stay visible and attack until destroyed.


Walls – The main source of defense – Walls are what surround, protect and slow enemies down. Whenever there is a gap in someone’s Wall ground units will immediately swarm in through the opening and attack rendering the wall completely useless. Air units can bypass walls by flying over them and Wall Breakers can destroy a section of a wall in order to allow ground units swarm in.


Traps – Traps are basically the same as a Tesla only you cannot reuse them once they’re activated. Traps are hidden and go off when an enemy enters their blast radius, if they are not triggered then you can re-sell them for 20% of their purchase price.


X-Bow – Powered by Elixir these can be set to target ground units alone or both ground and air units the X-Bow packs quite a punch and was/still is one of the more powerful defensive weapons.


Inferno Tower – Charged by Dark Elixir this weapon can take out the biggest of big enemies with ease using its super heated flames. Although the Inferno Tower is powerful against well-armored enemies it stands no chance against a large group and can be destroyed quite easily.





Gold Mine – This is how you obtain gold, it will mine unlimited gold until the Gold Mine gets full then production will cease. You need to empty the gold into a Gold Storage Unit to continue mining for gold.


Elixir Collector – This is the same as the Gold Mine only it mines Elixir and is stored in an Elixir Storage Unit. Elixir is used to purchase certain Troops.


Dark Elixir Drill – This is the same as the Elixir Collector and Gold Mine, when it’s full you’ll need to empty the drill in order to keep extracting Dark Elixir. Also used to Purchase specific Troops.


Gold Storage – 1 Storage unit can hold up to 2 million gold and when attacked the enemy can extract 20% of the total Gold stored.


Elixir Storage – Exactly the same as the Gold Storage, it can hold 2 million Elixir and when it’s attacked the enemy can extract 20% of the total stored Elixir.


Dark Elixir Storage – This storage unit can hold up to 40,000 Dark Elixir and attackers can steal around 7% of the total stored inside. All storage units are based on the highest-level upgrade.


Builder’s Hut – 1 Builder’s Hut produces 1 builder, you will use them to build and repair structures. They are also used to place and build Heroes. Builders are not required to set traps or decorations and Builder’s Huts can be obtained by spending Gems.




Army Camp – This is more the less a storage unit for your Troops, the more camps you have the more Troops you can store for raids. Troops inside Army Camps CANNOT protect your town only those donated to you from other Clans can defend your village. Heroes stay on their Altars when sleeping so they do not take space inside the Camps.


Barracks – Used to train your Troops by spending Elixir, when not training your Troops will be stored in the Army Camp.


Dark Barracks – This is the same as the normal Barracks only it’s used to train Dark Troops instead of regular Troops. The Dark Troops are also stationed in the Army Camp when not on a raid. This means you have to take into account how much space you have per camp.


Laboratory – Spend Elixir and Dark Elixir to upgrade Spells and Troops here.


Spell Factory – Used to create Spells, which are very helpful during raids.


Barbarian King Altar – This is where your Barbarian King (Hero) will rest when not in battle or patrolling the village.


Archer Queen Altar – Same as the Barbarian King Altar only for the Archer Queen. Altars work just like the Army Camp they are just reserved for the Heroes only.






Whenever your building for a strong defense the first thing that should be on your mind are walls. I suggest building a wall around your most important buildings first followed by an outer wall, this way your important buildings have that extra wall of defense from attackers.


There are several methods to building up a wall defense; you can build an inner wall with several outer walls so your enemy will have to break through several walls to get to your buildings. Another method is to place a secondary inner wall around your important buildings leaving not so important buildings exposed.


Another interesting method is to build a multi-wall around ALL of your important structures and leave your other buildings outside the wall as a means to slow your enemies down. If your enemies aim for your outer buildings then your village defenses have more time to destroy them before they do any actual damage to your valuables.


Ready, Aim, Fire!

Mortars are best placed inside your walls and close to your Town Hall, however do NOT place your mortars near each other, spread them out so when your enemy is near they can’t take out more than 1 in one go with a Lightening Spell.

Archer and Wizard Towers should be placed just in range of one another so when your enemy approaches you have more than 1 tower attacking them at once and they can defend each other as well. This is a great way to thin the herd. At higher levels try to implement more Air Defenses close to the middle of your village.


Storage Units

Your Storage Units and Pumps are the most valuable to your enemies so when placing them try to spread them out as well. The closer they are to one another the easier your enemies can gain Gold and Elixir making you an easy target for many.



The key to defending your village varies by your attacker; the one main thing to remember is SLOW THEM DOWN. The more you slow down your enemies Troops the more time your defenses have to fire upon them, using less important buildings as bait is a very good method. While the enemy Troops are attacking the buildings your defenses will whittle them down in numbers ultimately leading to a victory.

ALWAYS empty out your pumps and place them in storage, you never want your enemies to go for your pumps and take most if not all of your resources. Keep defensive towers in range of Pumps and Storage Units at all times. I keep my Storage Units closer to the center of my village than my Pumps because I empty my Pumps regularly.

DO NOT put Mortars on the outside of the village, Mortars attack from a distance and CANNOT shoot when a ground unit is right up on them. Keep your Mortars inside the walls so they cannot be reached as easily but can shoot your enemies.





Whenever you drop Troops into battle and your enemy has Mortars try to deploy your Troops in small segments. This will prevent the Mortars from completely wiping out your men. Archers are almost always the Troops you want to start off with, they can attack from a far off distance to weaken your enemies defenses and preparing them for a bigger punch.



A nice way to distract your enemies Towers is by dropping a few Giants; how many Giants depends on your enemies’ defenses. While your Giants are keeping the Towers busy, this depends on your level, drop some balloons into the field. Now your balloons will not get shot at and will destroy the Towers with relative ease.

Giants make for the best distractions whether your using Balloons to sneak over the walls to attack or Goblins and Wall Breakers to break through the defensive walls.


Keep your eyes on the prize

When you’re attempting to break through a wall always concentrate on 1 section, don’t spread your Wall Breakers or Goblins thin hitting more than 1 section at a time. Again use distractions so you can cause more damage to the wall without losing as many Troops.



Just like your village many players will use buildings as decoys, do not fall for their trickery. Whenever you approach a raid think about why they have the layout they have. Always go for your objective and distract enemy fire the best you can. Remember you want the Elixir and Gold so aim for their defenses first then attack their storage units and pumps.

If your enemy’s defenses are weak and not hitting your Troops too hard I would ignore them, this can be risky at times and you will lose some Troops but I always aim for gold and elixir. Get it?



One important rule of thumb to remember is to use as little Troops as humanely possible. Shooting all your Troops into battle can be very effective but will cost more than you can gain at times. Always distract your enemies defenses especially their Towers and then deploy a SMALL amount of Troops to go damage their walls or Pumps, depending on their layout.


Pick and Choose

If you find that you have a lot of Troops at pretty high levels then picking a battle isn’t that difficult. Starting off or going into battle with a small amount of Troops however can be challenging. Always look for a match where the enemy village has Pumps and Storage units outside their walls or that are poorly defended. Also look to see if these Storage Units and Pumps are full, I like to aim for the ones that have the most in them first to ensure I gain the most at the very beginning of the fight.

A decent amount of Wall Breakers and Giants should always be on hand and used for heavily fortified villages. Walls will slow you down giving your enemy a chance to take your Troops out with ease. You need to distract them with Giants and use Wall Breakers to bust an opening in their walls. ALWAYS scout for the weakest section of a wall; some players leave weaknesses in their wall defense but others will add more defenses to important sections. You need to scout the village and if the weak part of the wall leads to something worthwhile then go for it.

If a village wall has a weak section that leads to an inner wall while the rest of the outer wall is heavily fortified distract the Towers and break through the first section then hit the inner weakest section and you have your goods.





> Defensive

*Outer > Inner*

Decoys > Walls > Defensive Buildings > Pumps & Storage > Town Hall


> Offensive

*1st attack > 2nd attack*

Distract High Defenses > Walls > Defensive Buildings > Loot

Both have different methods and change a lot depending on the layout of the village, these are the basic strategies. Remember never fall for decoys when on the offensive.


Good Luck and Happy Pillaging!