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Across Age DX Achievement List

Across Age DX Achievement List Across Age DX is a new popular RPG on the iPhone.. This guide contains a full achievement list for Age Across DX. Use this list to help you track down and conquer every achievement. Age Across DX uses Game Center for it's achievements. There are 39 achievements in all worth a total of 1000 points.
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Gamevil “Celebrates” Verizon iPhone Launch

Gamevil “Celebrates” Verizon iPhone Launch EA, Capcom, and Gameloft have looked to celebrate Valentine’s Day a bit early by slashing prices on some of their most prestigious and noteworthy titles. Gamevil, on the other hand, is looking to commemorate the launch of Apple’s iPhone on the Verizon network – something that might be even...
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Zenonia 2 Review

Zenonia 2 Review Amid a host of similar real-time, top-down action RPGs, Zenonia seems to hold some sort of pedigree as a progenitor of the trend. The original was a fun, pick up and play title with good play time and ample amounts of fun. So when I picked up Zenonia 2 in a sale, I was expecting more of the same. I find...
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