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Dalton-The Awesome Review

Let’s start with the basics. In Dalton- The Awesome you play as the stick figure Dalton. Your goal is to last as long as possible while being chased by angry stick men and jumping from platform to platform. To make things just a little bit more interesting there are strategically placed spikes and...
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Maple Thief Review

Maple Thief is a single player version of the mega popular Maple Story MMO on pc. Maple Thief takes everything that players loved about Maple Story minus all those other annoying players who were always running around. You play as a character who wants to become the best thief in the world. So naturally you...
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Super Fly Review

  Super Fly is a greet little iPhone game where you play as a fly battling against endless waves of bats, crabs, giant crabs, aliens and just about every other creature imaginable in a beautiful cartoon world. As I mentioned above, in Super Fly you play a fly (who knew!) For some reason all the...
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