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Posted by Alexander Bader on Apr 18, 2011
iPhone 4 Prepared To Rule Flickr

iPhone 4 Prepared To Rule Flickr

When a smartphone is among the top cameras on one of the most popular photo sharing sites, it certainly says something. Flickr’s official data indicates that the iPhone 4 is the second most popular camera on the site, and is quickly rising.

A quick glance at Flickr’s popular camera charts indicates that the iPhone 4 has quickly risen to become the #2 most popular camera on the site. It’s also noteworthy that, at the rate the statistics are rising, the iPhone 4 will be in the top spot within a month or two. The current #1 holder, the Nikon D90, actually took three years to get to that spot, while the iPhone 4 has gotten to its current position in nine short months.

And that’s just the iPhone 4. Flickr used to consider each iPhone model as one device, but now counts them separately.


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