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Posted by Alexander Bader on May 19, 2011
XFINITY Brings Streaming to iPhone, iPod Touch

XFINITY Brings Streaming to iPhone, iPod Touch

Comcast, the world’s most popular cable television provider, has updated its XFINITY iOS application to include streaming capability. iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users can now choose from than 4,500 hours of video content to stream directly from the Comcast servers.

Initial adopters have reported most on demand content as unplayable because of the sudden influx of people trying the service.  ”The video hiccups and doesn’t play after about 12 seconds. After a reboot, the same behavior occurred,” one user reported. “Several others have reported issues already on the app store feedback reel.”

While Android users can’t stream XFINITY content to their devices, Comcast’s most recent application update is a strong response to Time Warner and Dish Network, two powerful competitors who also offer On Demand streaming over a WiFi connection.

Comcast’s XFINITY application is available in the iOS App Store for free.

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