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Posted by Alexander Bader on Sep 11, 2011
Sprint Reportedly Planning Blackout for iPhone 5 Launch

Sprint Reportedly Planning Blackout for iPhone 5 Launch

SprintFeed has cited an internal memo that suggests Sprint’s plan to offer the new iPhone 5 as early as October 15. The memo reportedly told Sprint employees of the blackout period from September 30 to October 15 because of a major phone release.

“For those of you who don’t know what they mean by ‘blacking out,’ it means they’re not allowing time off requests during this specific time period,” the site explained.

“Everything here suggests the iPhone making its highly anticipated debut on the Now Network. Looking at the referenced time period, we’re pretty sure that this ‘big’ unnamed device will hit between the blackout dates. This would allow time for employee training, release date preparation and finally the aftermath of sales,” SprintFeed continued.

Sprint reportedly plans to offer an unlimited data plan alongside their variation of the iPhone 5.

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