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Posted by Alexander Bader on Sep 23, 2011
‘Dolphin Browser’ Comes to the iPad

‘Dolphin Browser’ Comes to the iPad

The studio behind the popular Dolphin web browser for Android recently launched both an application built for tablets and one designed for the iPhone. Now, Dolphin has launched a browser made specially for the iPad.

Dolphin Browser HD offers all the features users have come to expect, including…

  • Browser tabs which let you flip between web pages without minimizing the current page first
  • Support for gesture-based navigation
  • A sidebar that lets you access bookmarks and other data by swiping the browser window left or right
  • A full-screen mode
  • Support for user agent switching so you can see desktop or mobile versions of websites
The browser also sports Dolphin’s “Webzine” mode, which presents web content within an ad-free, magazine-style interface.

The developers behind Dolphin Browser are giving away an iPad 2 in celebration of the launch of the iPad app.

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