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Posted by John Madison on Apr 9, 2012
Share Profits from Brickteria

Share Profits from Brickteria

The site gives app users and players the ability to invest in games and apps they think will do well. One of these titles is BrickTeria. A classic brick breaker game for iOS with an infinite vertical scrolling scenario generation. An investment of $10 in the game could return you $13 back from game sales. Check out appbackr site for the game for yourself at the link below.


AppBackr – BrickTeria




Brickteria is a HD iPhone/iPod/iPad alternative to the classic brick breaker games, where an infinite vertical scroller scenario generation was incorporated in asurvival mode and modified boosts were added. The player’s accumulated score can be used to buy skills updates throughout the game, which, together with the infinite scenario generator, gives the game replay value and a different perspective. Hence, players start playing a pretty classic brick breaker game, which keeps increasing its rythm, getting more and more frenetic, according to the skills the player upgrade and to the temporary 12 (de)boosts he can collect while in-game. Aclassic mode can also be unlocked, which is based on 30 fixed stages, rather than using a random scenario generator.

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