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Posted by Dr. Guide on May 22, 2012
100 Floors Solutions / Walkthrough / Guide

100 Floors Solutions / Walkthrough / Guide

Welcome to the 100 Floors Solutions / Walkthrough / Guide, giving you the solutions to all the current 90 levels of 100 floors. We will keep watch for additional levels and add additional walkthroughs as needed. 100 Floors is a new popular puzzle title on the app store and is free to download. Use this guide to get through all the levels with ease, or just as a helper to get through a level you are really stuck at.


Level 1
Simply press the green arrow to open the door
Level 2
Move the trash can to the side and move the green arrow into the elevator’s empty “up” button. Then tap the green arrow to open the door.
Level 3
Shake your iPhone from side to side to open the door.
Level 4
Using both fingers, pinch out the door to the left and right.
Level 5
Tilt your phone backwards to make the ladder drop. Shaking your phone can also work.
Level 6
Move the plant on the right and touch the four larger “buttons”.
Level 7
Tilt your iPhone to the right to slide the rock over the button.
Level 8
Move the fruit until you find the banana. Tap the banana and then feed it to the gorilla.
Level 9
Make the larger buttons (inner and outer rings) match the smaller buttons.
Level 10
Shake your phone to awaken snake, then slide your finger along the arrow (top left to bottom right swipe) to open the door.
Level 11
Tilt you phone to make the balls move and balance both balls in the middle until three lights display
Level 12
Tap the red buttons to push the ball up. Tap again as the ball is landing until you light up the column top in green
Level 13
Shake your phone to drop the sledgehammer. Then grab the hammer and hit the wall until it breaks.
Level 14
Tap and hold down the green hand until five lights display.
Level 15
Tap in sequence 1-6-4-3 (which matches the symbols at the top).
Level 16
Take the screwdriver and use it to remove the four screws. Take the metal plate and turn the phone upsidedown to open the door.


Level 17
Tilt the phone to slide the ball over the blue button to press the button. Now press the buttons in this sequence:

Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right

To open the door.
Level 18
Tap the blue cube to turn it on and then quickly the tap blue dots so all are lit. Go from left to right.
Level 19
Take the rag on the floor and use it to clean the cobweb on the doors.
Level 20
Pick up the screw on the floor, move the yellow sign, and put the screw into the hole. Now use the screwdriver to tighten the screw and you are done.
Level 21
Simply tilt your phone until the eye opens and then hold until five lights display
Level 22
Grab the sledgehammer and use it to smash the statue on the right. Now swipe doors in order: up, right, left, down.
Level 23
Tap on the green light to turn on lights, then select the pegboard, tap door, then tap in this order: bottom right, middle, top, bottom left
Level 24
Use two fingers to swipe over the arrows to lift the door up, then tap on the green arrow while still holding the door up.
Level 25
Swipe the dots on the door so they match the floor pattern. Lowest, Highest, High, Low.
Level 26
Move the batteries around so it provides exactly 100 V. This would be:

Left Slots = 5V + 1C

Center Slots = 20V & 1V

Right Slots = 20V & 5V
Level 27
Side the right panel to the far right. Now, grab the sledgehammer and hit the crack in the well. Grab the crank and insert it into the hole. Now turn the crank until all of the lights turn green and you are done.
Level 28
Tap on the door according to the patterns above the elevator. This would be:

2 taps, pause, 3 taps, pause, 1 tap, pause, 2 taps
Level 29
Lay your phone flat and let the bomb count down and explode.
Level 30
Check the current time on your phone and sett the clock to match this, then touch the switch
Level 31
Using the screwdrive remove the two screws in the sign. Flip the sign around to get through.
Level 32
There are 12 dots above the door. Adjust the tiles so they add up to 12. Put 4 in the center, ex: 543, 4642, 741…

Level 33
Tap the color buttons (white, yellow, or red) that corresponds to the item

cloud = white
snowflake = white

banana = yellow
pear = yellow

fire = red
cherries = red
Level 34
Tap on the numbers/letters to spell out: 1-0-0-F-L-O-O-R-S
Level 35
Plug in the power cord then remove the lights on the door. Tap parts of the digits to make 35 appear from 88.
Level 36
Touch the items in the following order: fish, dog, apple, plane, moon.
Level 37
Slide the tile on the floor to the right and remove the ball to reveal a green button.

Swipe the barrel to the side to reveal another green button.

Turn the phone upsidedown to reveal the third green button.
Level 38
Tap in this order to coordinate timers to hit green at the same time:

Left, Top Right, Bottom Right
Level 39
Draw a line starting from the top left diagonally to the bottom right (grey), then drag up to top (green), then drag diagonally to the bottom left (green), and finally drag straight to the right.
Level 40
Turn your phone’s volume all the way down.

Level 41
Tap on the four ants to make them move. Change the shapes on the door to match the shapes the ants make when moving.

Level 42
For this one, tap the switch in the bottom right corner to see the two shapes on the door. Now slide the door: left, right, up then down to open the door. You will now be shown shapes, tap on them to rotate the order so they match the two shapes you saw on the door.

Level 43
First, grab and move away the two plants. Now put a metal ball into the slot on the left and rotate your phone to get the ball to the other end. When done you can move to the next floor (move the plants away if needed).

Level 44
Move the plant to the side and you will see “1G 2W 3B 4W”. This means 1 Grey, 2 White, 3 Black and 4 White. Continously tap on the sections of the doors to match these four shades.

Level 45
Pick up the hammer, and use it to bash the blow just over the left side of the door. Now, take the knife in the bottom left and cut the balloon’s string. Using your phone, tilt the device to get the balloon to tough the button in the middle. If it blows up, ty again.

Level 46
This one isn’t too bad, simple match the pictures on the door to the ones on the floor by tapping on them and you are through.

Level 47
For this one, you will will need to close the circuit. That is, rotate the tiles so the lightning bolt reaches the dot in the middle. The line(s) will show the direction of the current. You will need to use every tile to reach the middle.

Level 48
Grab your knife and use it to cut away the vines on the door. Now, count the number of white, yellow and pink flows and light up that number in each of the three columns.

(They are 5 White, 5 Yellow and 4 Pink)

Level 49
Enter password really means exactly that, enter “password”. Thus, tap on the tiles “Pa”, “S”, “S”, “W”, “O”, “Rd” to spell it out.

Level 50
You will need to tap the door a ton to get the green bar to fill up. Try using multiple fingers if you aren’t fast enough with one.

Level 51
For this door, you will need to draw a sword in the tiles. To do this, tap on all the middle row tiles. Then, tap on the first-row, second-column tile and the third-row, second-column tile. With this, you are done with this floor.

Level 52
This is the Christmas door, so tap on the snowflake buttons to get the date for Christmas.


Level 53
For this floor, grab the chain on the side and pull it down to the box. Let it go and the chain will pull up the box showing a power switch. Turn off the power then grab your wire cutters and use it to cut through the fence.

Level 54
You are supposed to follow the math steps to make it through. If you want the code, it is: 03150405

Level 55
This one can be tricky. Place your phone on a table, and start rotating your phone around slowly. You will see blocks coming fromt he side of the screen. Now tilt your phone to move the blocks into space to make a square.

Level 56
This one is just like the game minesweep. Count the number of flags that touch each square and enter that number into the square.

Level 57
First off, hold on the red button to slide the hook so it’s above the wrecking ball. Now, pull down the hook so it latches on to the ball. Now push the red button again until the wrecking ball is in front of the door. Let go of the button and tap on the wrecking ball a few times to bust through the door.

Level 58
You will not have to use the black keys here (you don’t need them) and you will effectively play “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. 261.6 = Left White Key, 293.7 = Middle White Key, 329.6 = Right White Key.

Level 59
Pick up the rock and the stick. Now, grab the rock and break the ice on the window. From here, move the mirror so it lights up the pile of sticks. Grab your stick, light it on fire, and use this to melt the ice on the level. Pull the level and you are through.

Level 60
Using the fire stick, light the two torches on the sides and the eyes will open. Now, count the number of colored markings on the drums and tap those numbers on the drums.

(4, 2, 1, 4)

Level 61
Grab the patterns and drag them to the 4 slots above to they give the time 18:30 (which is 6:30 PM).

Level 62
For this floor, first take out your knife and use it to cut the fuse in the bottom left side of the door. Now, rotate the lasers to the using the right and left arrows.

Level 63
First, tilt your device to slide the right to button on the left side. Now, tap on the tiles so they match the same patterns in the lights above.

Level 64
For this one, simply swirl the eye-ball around and around (counter-clockwise) to fill up the meter above the door.

Level 65
Grab a ball and put it into the tube opening. Now, grab your fire stick and place it near the smoke alarm. The room will fill with water and the ball will rise to the top of the tube, opening the door.

Level 66
Grab the wooden pole and use it to knock off the fish hook from the wall. Now grab the fish hook, attach it to the door, grab the pole, and use it to pull down on the door to open it.

Level 67
First off, tap on the dandelion and a seed will pop out. Catch it with the pot in the bottom right corner. Now, water the seed by placing it under the faucet and tapping on the faucet. Finally sit it in the sunlight and the door will open.

Level 68
First, pick up the star piece on the floor. Now pull the level on the right until the box is lifed high enough so you can grab the metal plate under it. Now, life the box again and throw the star piece under it instead and you are done.

Level 69
Tapping the light at the top will make it fall, and tapping on the fish in the seaweed will make it swim to the left. You will need to time it so they hit each other, making the light land on the octopus. He will bolt off and the water will drain. Cut away the seaweed on the door and pass through.

Level 70
This one seems to be trial and error until you finally end up with the right pattern. Here is the final pattern to get through:


Level 71
Ying and Yang are opposite, so look at the bottom of the screen and make the opposite symbols in the top 3 tiles.

Level 72
Slide the shapes up in the order of how many sides they have.

The order is: Yellow, Red (3), Blue (4), Green (5).

Level 73
For this one, you will have to swipe in one of the 4 directions to get the number in the middle to equal 73. Sides can be addition, subtraction, multiplication or divide. Keep going until the final number is 73.

Level 74
Everytime you tap on the triangles they change color. Change them so they match this pattern (from the very top around clock-wise): Yellow (at the top), Blue, Teal, Red (at the bottom), Pink, Green

Level 75
For this door, you have to balance the two weights. Grab all the free weights and place it on the right side platform. Now place the smallest weight back on the left to balance. Hold your iPhone upright at the end to get through.

Level 76
You will need to align the tiles so they make a square around the edges. It can take a bit of time but just start with one side and work to the other side. Once you are done, tap the middle square and you are through.

Level 77
When you press on the green button on the side, the lights will flash up in a clockwise motion. You will need to time it so the light lands on 7. Once you get it you are done.

Level 78
When you tap on the floor, the chalk squares change color. Looking at the images from left to right of the box from different angles, and just input the proper pattern. So Black goes on top of the question mark, red goes beside the question mark (on the right side of the floor). Brown goes beside the question mark (on the left side of the floor) and white is beside red. Finally blue would be below the question mark.

Level 79
Simply match the tiles in the door so they look exactly the same as in the floor.

Level 80
The numbers at the top point to which torches to light, the numbers are in reverse order, so the torches to light are in reverse order. The dot means press the button (which will turn off the flames). So grab your fire stick in your inventory, and light them in the order given.

Level 81
The number 6 here is actually number 9 (note the line on top), so turn your device around so it’s upside-down. Now, the room is 81 so press on the tiles so it’s 9×9 (=81). Use the 9 beside the x in the column where you have two options.

Level 82
Look at the stones on the floor, and one will look like the green piece already on the door. Tap it and reveal another piece and place it in the open slot. Now, tap on the pieces so the left one has it’s arrow pointing to the left, and the right one has it’s arrow pointing to the bottom-right. Once this is done, a small door will open on the side with a level. Grab the level, and place it on the right bottom side. Holding onto the lever will open the door, but letting go will close it. So hold it with one finger and tap on the arrow with another.

Level 83
You will need to move the shapes into the box to fill it out and make a square. The combination is: large grey triangle in the top right corner, white triagle just below it touching the left side, pink square in the very center, yellow on the bottom, orange on the right side (so it’s point touches the bottom, purple on top (touching the grey trianly) andlight blue in the top right corner.

Level 84
Notice the colors on the wall (purple, red, blue, purple), so you will have to press the buttons in this order to get through (for blue, both blue buttons are needed). So the order is: all three buttons at the same time, red button, two blue buttons at the same time, all three buttons at the same time. There will be a chime when you do it right.

Level 85
The numbers at the top denote which candle to light or burn out. So grab your torch an light the second one, then the first one, then the third one… then grab your knife and put out the third one, then the first one… etc.

Level 86
For this one you will need to turn the clock to the times in the buttons above. When you press the buttons at the top, it will show which direction to turn the clock too. So press on 11, then turn counter-clockwise to 11. Press on 5, turn clockwise to 5… etc. If you are having problems, try pressing 1 twice when you are on that button.

Level 87
First of all, shake your phone until the bear wakes up. then tap on your bear and wait for him to fall back asleep. Then tap the buttons and go through.

Level 88
This one is all about magic tricks. First, drag the top left hat all the way down, and the most right had over until it’s just above the bottom right hat. Now turn the top right hat so it’s upside-down. Finally, grab the ball and drop it in the hat in the top-right. It will go through all the hats and the door will open.

Level 89
The letters in the square denote the first two letters of the numbers One (On) through Nine (Ni). Notice the fruit on the screen, working from bottom to top, count the number of letters in the fruit and press those buttons on in the square. So Coconut = 7 letters = Seven = Se… Banana = 6 letters = Six = Si… etc.

The final pattern is Se, Si, Ni, Fi, Fo.

Level 90
You will need to have every light lit up to pass. So touch the yellow rings until you fill up all the lights except the last one. To light the final light, tap the blue in the top right corner that is bigger than the rest. This lights up the last light and you are done.

The order to tap the yellow rings are: 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 1, 3, 3


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