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Posted by Alexander Bader on Mar 27, 2011
Firemint Announces 1080p Output For Real Racing 2 HD

Firemint Announces 1080p Output For Real Racing 2 HD

Since the App Store’s initial launch, Firemint has been one of the few iOS pioneers.  The famed developer let it be known that they once again look to push the envelope of iOS performance with the inclusion of the first 1080p video out to TV option with Real Racing 2 HD.

Even though the iPad 2 only displays video in 1024×768 (at the highest), with the use of the iPad HDMI adapter the device can output video to a monitor or television that supports 1080p, which is exactly what Real Racing 2 HD will offer.

Firemint did not confirm an exact date when this update will be released, just that it should be arriving in Real Racing 2 HD’s “next major update.”

Real Racing 2 HD is one of the most impressive racing titles on Apple’s iOS. Not only does the game feature a phenomenal 10-hour single-player campaign and gorgeous 3D visuals, the game has averaged a rating of 4.5 stars on the App Store since it launched less than six months ago.  Not only that, but the iPhone iteration of the game garnished awards from a multitude of websites.

Real Racing 2 HD can be downloaded for $6.99.