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Posted by Dr. Guide on Mar 31, 2011
Super Mega Worm Guide

Super Mega Worm Guide

Super Mega Worm is a game developed by Deceased Pixel in which the player takes control of a recently hatched, man-eating worm named Wojira – the last line of defense spawned by planet earth to take revenge upon humanity who’s done nothing but ruin their own home planet.




How to Control

There are three control schemes to choose from in the options menu; D-Pad, Slider, and Tilt. Each selection takes some getting used to but the easiest choice to master is the traditional D-Pad.


How to Play

As the worm, you are to eat and destroy everything that gets in your way — humans running for their lives, cops, soldiers, planes, helicopters, tanks, and even astronauts and UFO’s. In order to do so you’ll squirm through earth’s surface, lining yourself up with whatever is populating the surface, and striking at the opportune moment for maximum points. The more consecutive things you eat or destroy will count towards your points multiplier, as well as keep your health bar from depleting. To move onto the next stage you’ll have to eat the required amount of humans for that level as displayed in the corner of the screen.



• Tapping on the A Button, a.k.a. the “Gas Button”, will increase your worm’s speed. Use this to burrow along the surface and eat as many humans as possible in one fell swoop in the introductory stages as there aren’t any obstacles to impede your path.

• Once you gain enough of speed, if you surface straight up or at an angle you should be able to get some nice hang time in the air, giving you time to look for vehicles to bounce off of. For best results, look for gray arrows underground that notify you of upcoming cars or trucks that you can use to propel yourself high into the sky.

• Knowing when to surface and strike is key, especially as armored vehicles and heat-packing soldiers  come into play in later stages. Certain tanks will be outfitted with spiked exteriors, in which case the only way to take them out without taking damage yourself will be by coming up from directly beneath them.

• Dodging and attacking would-be dangers is crucial to survival as bullets, mines, and even rocket launchers will be just a few obstacles you’ll encounter. Each enemy is designated by the color in which they wear – black for cops, green for basic soldiers, and red for advanced soldiers, which also tips you off as to how dangerous they are. Green soldiers, tanks, and helicopters shoot bullets — Red soldiers and tanks shoot rockets.

• However, just because your enemies have weapons doesn’t mean you don’t get any yourself. At certain levels you’ll acquire various abilities and powers; Spitfire, EMP charges, and Meteor Slam just to name a few.

• Don’t forget to eat your humans! Annihilating the forces around and above you may be what the doctor ordered but if you don’t eat any living creatures – like humans, horses, bulls, or flying creatures – then you’re health bar will slowly begin to deplete until you die. Protip: Bulls give the most health.

• Being able to eat continuously without stopping, or launching yourself in the sky and staying as long as possible in the air will add to your point multiplier. The more points you rack up the faster your worm will get, and the faster your worm gets the more destructive power it will wield.

• Underground you’ll discover crystals worth points but don’t expect them to boost your health.

• And don’t worry about dying – whenever you run out of health you’ll be given an opportunity to continue from the beginning of the stage you just died in.


Walkthrough (Human Requirement and Enemy Forecast)

Stage 1: 15 Humans

Stage 2: 25 Humans

Stage 3: 25 Humans

Stage 4: 30 Humans – Shooting Cops

Stage 5: 60 Seconds Bonus Stage  (New Ability: Spit)

Stage 6: 20 Humans

Stage 7: 25 Humans – Military Helicopters

Stage 8: 30 Humans

Stage 9: 35 Humans – Moving Cop Cars and Paratroopers raining from the sky

Stage 10: 60 Humans (New Ability: EMP)

Stage 11: 20 Humans – Rocket launchers

Stage 12: 30 Humans – Shooting Soldiers and tanks

Stage 13: 35 Humans – Tanks, Soldiers, Rocket launchers

Stage 14: 40 Humans – Military jumbo planes, Tanks,Rocket launchers, and Helicopters

Stage 15: 60 Second Bonus Stage — (New Ability: Extra EMP Charge)

Stage 16:  40 Humans – Fast moving Red Spiked tanks

Stage 17: 45 Humans – Helicopters and Red Spiked tanks

Stage 18: 45 Humans – Helicopters and Red Spiked tanks

Stage 19: 45 Humans – Helicopters and Green Tanks

Stage 20: 60 Second Bonus Stage — (New Ability: Extra EMP Charge)

Stage 21: 45 Humans – Red Tanks and Helicopters

Stage 22: 75 Humans – Red Tanks and Helicopters, Military Jumbo Planes

Stage 23: 90 Humans – Red Tanks, Helicopters, Rocket Launchers, Jumbo Military Planes

Stage 24: 100 Humans (New Ability: Spit Fire) – All Enemies



After finishing the game you’ll unlock Time Attack mode, which lets you bring over your length and powers for outright destruction right at the beginning.

Selecting “New Adventure” after completing the game will allow you to start with all the worms powers right off the bat.


Game Center Achievements

Big Green Bird — Destroy 100 Military Planes

Cop Killer — Eat 100 Copes

Earth Protector — Destroy 20 UFO’s

Emu-burger — Eat 50 emus

Got Helium? — Eat 50 Balloon Boys

I’m On TV! — Eat 50 Weather Balloon Boys

Mile High Club! — Destroy 50 Planes

My Tasty Pony — Eat 50 Horses

Sausage Party! — Eat 100 Dudes

Southern Cooking — Eat 100 Billy Bobs

Space Snacks — Eat 50 Astronauts

The Final Frontier — Touch the Sky

To the Moon and Beyond! — Eat the Moon

Where’s the Ground? — Eat 50 Paratroopers

Womanizer! — Eat 50 Women


Achievement Tips

To unlock achievements that pertain to space (UFO’s, Astronauts, and the Moon) it’s best to attempt these in Time Attack mode. Parked trucks and slow moving planes are plentiful and will do just the trick to break the planet’s atmosphere, allowing you gain access to space where you’ll be able to see the three out of this world targets mentioned above.


“The Final Frontier” and “To the Moon and Beyond!” Achievements

To get both of these you’re going to need speed, and lots of it. Avoid hitting vehicles, just snake up and down in and out of the surface, then jump out and hope you hit a car or tank at the right angle. By doing that you’ll get yourself excellent velocity into the skies, then try to find a jumbo plane nearby to jump off of. Once you’re that high you’re only one more jumbo plane away from breaching the earth’s visible atmosphere and nabbing “The Final Frontier” achievement. However, to get the Moon achievement you’re going to need a lot of speed, and two trips to the moon in one single Time-Attack attempt. Just follow the instructions above on how to gain enough speed and altitude and you’ll reach the moon, but to eat it completely chomp it away you’re going to need to get reach that vertical distance at least twice.



Spit firing enemies doesn’t count toward certain achievements — so be sure to eat them properly.