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Posted by Alexander Bader on Apr 3, 2011
Rio Reaches 10 Million Downloads in Ten Days

Rio Reaches 10 Million Downloads in Ten Days

Rovio Mobile’s ‘Angry Birds Rio’, the movie-branded successor to their mobile smash hit, Angry Birds, has been downloaded an outstanding 10 million times in a mere ten days since the game’s release on March 22.

The company revealed the download milestone in a cryptic tweet reading “10 in 10:-) Angry Birds Rio breaking all records. A massive thanks to all our fans!!!”  The tweet was later clarified by Mobile Entertainment, which had been tracking the success of ‘Rio’ in both the Android Market and Apple’s App Store.

Rio was featured prominently in the launch of Amazon’s App Store, which also came on March 22, and the title is still being offered for free when downloaded from the Amazon store for “a limited time.”

The 99 cent iPhone version of the game and the $2.99 iPad version were both the top-selling games in their respective App Stores in their first week of availability, and the “lite” iOS demos of the game were just as successful.

It took the original Angry Birds nearly ten months after its December 2009 release to reach 10 million paid downloads on the iTunes App Store, though free and paid downloads for other platforms brought that total up to 30 million at that point.  Rio’s predecessor saw its 100 millionth download in early March, and Rovio has reported that nearly 40 million users still actively play.