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Posted by Dr. Guide on Apr 13, 2011
Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage Achievement List

Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage Achievement List

23 Achievements

Type: Game Center

Point Total: 695 Points

Learn the Ropes
View Tutorial from either the Main Menu or the Options Menu.
5 Points
Listen Up
Listen to a saying from each of the fruits on the Main Menu by tapping…
5 Points
Check out the What’s New banner on the Main Menu.
5 Points
I Blled Orange
Check out the Orange YouTube videos from the Main menu.
5 Points
Bank on It
Kill any fruit in a blender off a bank shot.
10 Points
Righteous Rattle
Bounce any fruit at least 5 times off blenders in one throw.
10 Points
Bonus Buddy
Earn extra time by hitting a character in one of the cabinets.
10 Points
Chop Chop
Kill any fruit on the cutting board.
10 Points
Mega Mayhem
Kill any fruit in the Mega Bonus vent fan.
10 Points
Apple Assassin
Kill 400 Apples any way you please.
10 Points
Banana Basher
Kill 350 Bananas any way you please.
20 Points
Tomato Torturer
Kill 300 Tomatoes any way you please.
30 Points
Cantaloupe Crusher
Kill 250 Cantaloupes any way you please.
40 Points
Pineapple Punisher
Kill 150 Pineapples any way you please.
50 Points
Strawberry Slayer
Kill 100 Strawberries any way you please.
60 Points
Complete a game with at least 80% accuracy rating (with over 50…
25 Points
Tomato Earned
Earn Tomato by advancing to Level 2.
20 Points
Cantaloupe Earned
Earn Cataloupe by advancing to Level 3.
30 Points
Pineapple Earned
Earn Pineapple by advancing to Level 3.
40 Points
Strawberry Earned
Earn Strawberry by advancing to Level 3.
50 Points
Fruitslinger God
Advance to Level 6.
75 Points
King of the Kitchen
Score at least 50,000 pts. in one game.
75 Points
Sgt. Slaughter
Kill 3,000 fruit.
100 Points