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Posted by Beeraj Jhummun on Apr 20, 2011

Alienware Working on a Gaming Tablet?


Don’t we all love those fancy laptops with the glowing logo effect? Well, hear this out.  Alienware could be working on a gaming tablet, If they haven’t started yet, they are giving it some serious consideration.

The news officially comes from IGN at a production meeting where Alienware were talking about their upcoming range of laptops and the mention of a gaming tablet.  Since, Dell owns Alienware and have already released a few tablets out including the dual-core Dell Streak 7.  It would be nothing for them to put Android onto an Alienware branded gaming tablet.  This is what was told at the event:

“We’re looking at all form factors and how we can provide value to gamers using all of the different factors,” Alienware’s Product Group Senior Vice President, Frank Azor said. “The answer isn’t no, but it isn’t also yes yet.”

We hoping to hear more information regarding the tablet in the near future, and possibly expect a 2012 release.  Who knows this may be the iPad 3 rivial aye?