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Posted by Beeraj Jhummun on Apr 20, 2011

Streets of Rage 2 now on iOS App Store

Don’t we all love them old fashioned beat em’ up games?  Well, SEGA has just released a new iOS game called as “Streets of Rage 2.”  Streets 2 is the sequel to Streets of Rage which was released back in November 2010.

Streets of Rage 2 picks up where the first sequel ended. Apparently, in the original game, Adam saved the day and defeated all the bad gangsters and punks who were tormenting innocent citizens and attacking him and his friends. But, the enemies who didn’t get beaten up decided to strike back and have now taken Adam prisoner. So Max, Axel, Blaze and Skate have to go and beat up all the other remaining enemies to save him and the day.

Head to the Apple store now and grab Streets of Rage 2 for $2.99.  By the way the game is awesome, you and a friend can team up using the multiplayed bluetooth functionality and take down the bad guys!