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Posted by Beeraj Jhummun on Apr 20, 2011
Tiny Wings Review

Tiny Wings Review

Tiny Wings developed by Andreas Illiger, is about a bird that always dreamt of flying and explore the world along with the other birds.  Unfortunately, your wings are tiny.  The world is full of beautiful hills, use the hills as jumps – slide down, flap your wings and fly!  As you get down to earth, the next hill is waiting for you already.  Watch out for the night and fly as fast as you can. Otherwise flying will only be a dream once again.

The game itself is fun and pretty simple, since gravity is on your side all you have to do is press tap during flight will retract those wings, bringing Tiny crashing to the ground. But if you retract them at just the right point you’ll drop Tiny onto the downwards slope of a hill, hence generating the speed to take off again.    Indeed gravity eventually grounds him at a random point.  Make sure you know when to press to tap.  Try your best and help tiny reach the fifth island.  Remember, getting perfect landings and slides through the valleys is key. Get three in a row and you’ll be in Fever mode, which gives you double points.

On the way there are blue speed-ups, which are generally found at the bottom of valleys, while level progress occurs as you travel through different islands, each of which has its own colour scheme and characteristics in terms of the patterns and shapes of the hills.  In-terms of achievements and scores, you get additional points for collecting gold coins, pulling off perfect slides through a valley, and making it into the clouds.

Always remember it’s game over when the sun goes down, therefore if you are not fast enough tiny will stop and take a nap and your objective is to beat that score the next time.  Have fun!

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