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Posted by Beeraj Jhummun on Apr 20, 2011
Cut the Rope Review

Cut the Rope Review

Cut the Rope is one of my favorite iOS game, not that I think it’s the Angry Birds killer but its one of those games that you could play over and over again.  The game itself is packed with over 10 different levels and more levels are being released by the developer.  The game is amazing, your main objective is to feed the cute cuddly monster with tons of sweets.   This is done by, would you believe it, cutting ropes! To cut, you swipe your finger (or fingers) across the ropes to lower the sweet to the little monster, collecting as many of the 3-stars per level as possible. This starts out simple, maybe one or two ropes to cut, and I found that I 3-starred pretty much every level on the first world, first time round.

As you proceed the game becomes much harder for you to complete and it takes real skills and planning how to get the sweet to the monster.  By mentioned the game gets harder, they simply added a few extra game mechanics such as spiders that try and eat the sweet, or bubbles which float it off the screen. This is my main complaint really. I found that completing the game was on the verge of simple and even collecting all 300 stars wasn’t too challenging. Compare this to Angry Birds, it’s a walk in the park!

In-terms of the graphics, they are simply awesome!  The color combinations are really beautiful and I love the way how the cute little monster gets upset when you fail to get him the sweet.  Don’t be wasting anymore time, this game is a definitely must-buy!



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