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Posted by Beeraj Jhummun on Apr 21, 2011
iPokédex for iOS

iPokédex for iOS

Well, at last here’s some news to all my Pokemon fans, If you’re going to venture out into the wild world of Pokémon, you should probably bring a Pokédex along with you- Scratch that, how about an iPokédex App for your iPhone or iPod Touch?

It’s a handy little guide for the game which includes (almost) every single Pokémon from every Pokémon game, as well as their complete move sets, abilities and even family trees and individual statistics.  Also, the application doesn’t include data for Pokémon in the Unova region from Black and White, but it will be updated shortly, according to the developer. It features data for 493 creatures including the stats, move-list and evolution chains.

The app’s presentation is great, prioritising function over form, and you’re only ever a click or two away from all the information you need.

iPokédex is free, so you may as well download it and give it a try.  Let us know what your thought are guys!