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Posted by Dr. Guide on Apr 28, 2011
The Impossible Test Water Guide (Walkthrough / Solutions / Answers)

The Impossible Test Water Guide (Walkthrough / Solutions / Answers)

The Impossible Test Water is a new game from PixelCUBE Studios, the makers of The Impossible Test. Along with The Impossible Test and The Impossible Test Space, this title asks you a series of quiz type questions that you must answer. Similar to titles like the Moron Test, the questions are a bit tricky in nature. Here is the full solution guide to help you get through the game:



1. Touch the bottom sea urchin its th tallest one

2. Remember your secret number(it is always different)

3. Drag the piranha and eat the fish from right to left.

4. Drag the egg away and tap the tadpole underneath it.

5. Drag the bubbles into the jar from largest to smallest

6. When the mine is aligned with the torpedo, swipe the torpedo towards the right.(just touch it and swipe it once thats all u need)

7. Drag the word “submarine” into the water.

8.Turn your device upside down and keep tapping the anchor until u see the continue button

9. Drag the sand box from the bottom of the screen into the white box. Then drag the green bucket into the sand. Lastly, tap the sandcastle that appears.

10. Touch the word “smallest fish” and then tap the small fish in the bottom row.

11. Touch the red eye on the shark.

12. Shake your device to open the clams, and then quickly touch the pearls.

13. Quickly touch the world “whale”.

14. Keep moving your finger around the screen and avoid touching the crab.

15. Touch the fish, and then keep tapping each new fish that appears. When the left side is done, touch the right.

16. Drag the word “star” into the fish and tap the starfish

17. Tap the words “odd one out” and then tap the purple jellyfish that appears flashing at the same time

18. Touch the buttons to spell out “OCTOPUS” and then tap the word “octopus” (the image that appears is NOT an octopus because it only has 6 arms).

19. Quick;y touch the turtle.

20. Tap the word “oxygen” and then tap the “PSI” gauge (middle gauge).

21.Tap the word “whirlpool” and then shake your device.

22. Tap each torpedo until it dissapears before they reach the seahorse.

23. Drag the “screen” upwards 4 times, until you can clearly see the sailboat. Then tap the sailboat.

24.Touch the sand at the bottom of the screen.

25. Turn your device upside down, and drag the fish to the other side without hitting the mines.

26. Enter your number from question 2.

27. Pinch your fingers inwards to deflate the pufferfish.

28. Hold your finger on t the stingray for 10 seconds.

29. Tap the buttons in this order: 2, 2, 0, 2, 2, 8 (the number from the orange torpedo).

30. Drag the “bronze” into the circle with the “B”, “gold” into the circle with “G”, and “silver” into the circle with “S”.


Thanks to JoshuaC for sending in this info.


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