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Posted by Dr. Guide on May 28, 2011
The Heist Achievement List

The Heist Achievement List

19 Achievements

Type: Game Center

Point Total: 786 Points

Energy Efficient
Short circuit the lasers
25 Points
Disappearing Act
Short circuit the cameras
50 Points
Short circuit the electrical bars
75 Points
Open Sesame
Raise bars and enter the safe
100 Points
Collected your reward for cracking the safe
? Points
One of Us
Logged in as a MacHeist Agent
? Points
Et tu, Brute?
? Points
Extraction Mastery
Reverse-engineer sets of scrambled blocks to extract 15 chips
50 Points
Zen Mastery
Optimize feng shui in all 15 sand gardens
50 Points
3 Laws Mastery
Complete 15 maintenance jobs without your robot turning on you
50 Points
Electrician Mastery
Untangle and connect all 15 sets of electrical wiring
50 Points
Complete all levels
100 Points
5 Finger Discount
Collected your second reward
? Points
Quick Fingers
Solve a puzzle within 3 seconds
10 Points
Jack Of All Trades
Solve at least 3 puzzles of each puzzle type
10 Points
Master of None
Reset a puzzle at least 10 times before solving it
5 Points
Solve a puzzle with over 100 moves
10 Points
If you are one, you’ll unlock this (Launch the app and solve at least one puzzle for three days in a row)
10 Points
Night Owl
Solve 3 puzzles between midnight and 5am
? Points