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Posted by Alexander Bader on Jun 2, 2011
80% of Mobile Video Views Come From iOS Devices

80% of Mobile Video Views Come From iOS Devices

A FreeWheel study, according to the New York Times, claims the majority of mobile video views occur on an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The iPhone and iPod touch account for a 30% share each, while their larger counterpart is responsible for a 20% share. About 19% of video views happen on Android based devices, while all other mobile devices can be pegged for the remaining 1%.

When Apple first confirmed that Adobe Flash would not be coming to iOS, there were plenty of people who thought no Flash support would doom the device. Of course, we now know the lack of Flash doesn’t turn users away in the slightest.

Most videos from major websites are encoded in multiple formats now thanks to Apple’s decision to exclude Adobe software.

FreeWheel, a content syndication agency, thinks iOS dominance is due to the fact that Apple’s devices top the priorities of video publishers who specifically encode for iOS first and other operating systems as an afterthought.