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Posted by Alexander Bader on Jul 2, 2011
Rumors Swirl Regarding Potential Facebook iPad App

Rumors Swirl Regarding Potential Facebook iPad App

FaceBook creator Mark Zuckerberg revealed today that his company plans to unveil an “awesome” new feature in the coming week. Of course, such a mysterious announcement prompted plenty of rumors. The majority of the whispers center around a Facebook iPad app.  Considering Facebook originally planned to launch the iPad app in a few weeks, the timing of Zuckerberg’s announcement makes sense.

Those that have seen the revitalized iPad application claim the photo and video features are “amazing, offering full resolution and full-screen images”.

Zuckerberg’s comments came on a visit to Facebook’s Seattle office, which plays a large role in Facebook mobile development. The possibilities are endless… rumors range from a photo sharing app for the iPhone to even a social TV feature that Facebook has been developing.

According to AdWeek, the television application would be a program guide that keeps track of trends among Facebook friends.