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Posted by Dr. Guide on Aug 18, 2011
The Secret of Grisly Manor Guide / Walkthrough

The Secret of Grisly Manor Guide / Walkthrough










 __ __|  |                 ___|                          |
    |    __ \    _ \     \___ \    _ \   __|   __|  _ \  __|
    |    | | |   __/           |   __/  (     |     __/  |
   _|   _| |_| \___|     _____/  \___| \___| _|   \___| \__| 

   _ \   |
  (   |  __|
 \___/  _|       

   ___|       _)        |              \  |
  |       __|  |   __|  |  |   |      |\/ |   _` |  __ \    _ \    __|
  |   |  |     | \__ \  |  |   |      |   |  (   |  |   |  (   |  |
 \____| _|    _| ____/ _| \__, |     _|  _| \__,_| _|  _| \___/  _|

for iPhone Walkthrough
Copyright November 2010 by FoxMcweezer1
11/3/2010 6:02 am
Version 1.0

This is going to be a very concise walkthrough. I will list the locations in
the game as well as the items in the order that you should retrieve them.
Please email me if you have questions. I can also quite possibly add your
questions to future versions of this walkthrough.

Please do not copy and paste or upload my walkthrough to any other website
without contacting me first. I'll probably say yes anyway, but just ask me
first. The email I'll be checking is alphafalconx1(at)hotmail(dot)com.



Front of the House
Left Foyer
Right Foyer
Door 1
Door 2
Door 3
Door 4
Refrigerator Room
Trapdoor Room



Skeleton Key
Goldfish Bowl
Chess Piece
Silver Key
Magnet on a String
Tuning Fork
Wooden Mallet
Carved Falcon
Brass Token
Jewel (heart-shaped)
Ice Pick
Rusty Key
Second Ripped Piece of Paper
Golden Key
Sealed Wooden Box
Ornate Rod
5 Ounce Weight
Iron Key


--The Walkthrough--

1. The Introduction

After seeing that an inventor (your grandfather) vanishes, you'll see that
you've received a letter from him. It reads:


News of my disappearance has been greatly exaggerated!

Please come visit me at once!
I have something amazing to show you!

Warm regards,
Your Loving Grandfather"

Hit continue


2. The Game

Your first scene is the Front of the House. Touch the protruding blue brick
on the wall. Your first item is the Skeleton Key. Open your inventory, touch
the key then touch the front door. It will open; touch the doorway to go

Once in the foyer (which means the entrance to the house) touch the left side
of the screen to scroll left. We'll call this the Left Foyer. Touch the Matches
on the table to obtain them. 

Go back to the Foyer, touch the paintingand get the Ripped Piece of Paper
and go Upstairs. You'll see 4 doors. Touch Door 3 and get
the Goldfish Bowl. Touch under the pink bed and get the Chess Piece.

Go back to Upstairs and go inside Door 4. Touch the butterfly frame on the left
wall and get the Jewelled Butterfly.

Go downstairs to the Foyer and touch the right side of the screen. This is the
Right Foyer. Touch the chess set on the table and put the Chess Piece into its
correct position. This will unlock the Silver Key.

Go Upstairs and put the Silver Key into Door 1. Go inside, this is the Attic.
Touch the chest and solve the picture puzzle. Rotate a piece by tapping it.
When you're done, a butterfly-shaped lock will appear. Place the Jewelled
Butterfly into place. Open the chest and retrieve the Magnet on a String.
Remember the 4 weird characters you see. You will need this later.

Go to the Foyer and tap the top part of the carpet on the floor. Tap the grate
on the floor. Use the Magnet on a String to get the Tuning Fork.

Go to the Right Foyer and go through that door to the Refrigerator Room. Tap
the door and go Outside. Here, you'll see a Shed and a Stump. Go to the Shed.
Get a log then tap the ear on the wall. Place the Tuning Fork here and you'll
be allowed entrance to the Shed. Go inside the Shed and get the Wooden Mallet
and Carved Falcon.

Go to Door 4 and break the piggy bank with your Wooden Mallet and take the
Brass Token. Look at the  picture of the car on the wall. Notice the  location
of the white triangles on  the four wheels. Think of them as a clock. The
first wheel is in the 5 o'clock  position, second wheel is in the 6 o'clock
position, third wheel is in the  9 o'clock position, and then fourth wheel is
in the 8 o'clock position. 

Go to the Right Foyer. Tap the falcons on the mantelpiece. Place the missing
Carved Falcon where it belongs. Rotate the falcons so that it corresponds to
the time we found earlier. The first falcon should be turned so that if you
look at it from the top, it'd be pointed toward 5 o'clock. Then 6, 9, and 8
o'clock. The Fuse will be unlocked.

Go to the Left Foyer and put the Brass Token into the gumball machine. Get the
heart-shaped Jewel that comes out.

Go Upstairs. Notice there is another hallway in between Door 2 and Door 3. Go
into that hallway by tapping in between the two doors. Place the heart-shaped
Jewel in the heart-shaped notch. A small door will slide open. Get the small
silver Knob and Ice Pick.

Go to the Refrigerator Room and put the small silver Knob into the drawer's
hole. Open the drawer and get the Rusty Key. Open the refrigerator and use the
Ice Pick on the ice to get the Wrench. Go Outside then into the Shed and use
the Rusty Key on the compartment on the wall. Get the Second Ripped Piece of
Paper. You now have the full combination of "42-34-15".

Go Upstairs and go inside Door 2. Put the Wrench on the hexagonal-shaped
protuberance on the wall. Tap the Wrench on the wall to open the trapdoor.
This is the Trapdoor Room. Put the Fuse into the fuse box. Tap the lever to
open the door on the left.

This room is the Study. Take the Golden Key on the desk. Now listen carefully.
Tap the door on the left to open it, but do not go through it (it just leads to
the Hallway.) Go back the way you came by going in the right door back to the
Trapdoor Room. 

CLOSE the door on the left by tapping the lever. Go right back
to the Bathroom then to the Hallway upstairs. Go through the door and back to
the Study. Notice the poster on the right which wasn't shown before because the
door was open. Tap it to see that "LOVE IS THE KEY TO THE WORLD!" Remember

Go to the Refrigerator Room and look at the magnet alphabet on the
refrigerator. Remember the four colors that spell the word "LOVE". They are:
green, orange, red, and purple, in that order.

Go to the Right Foyer and touch the globe. Change the colors to green, orange,
red, and purple. The globe will open and reveal a Sealed Wooden Box. Put the
Log into the fireplace and light it with your Matches. Throw the Sealed Wooden
Box into the fire. We'll come back to this later.

Go to the Foyer. You'll see that one of the steps on the stairs has a keyhole.
Put the Golden Key into the hole and get the Ornate Rod. Go Outside and touch
the Stump. Put the Ornate Rod into the hole on the Stump. Go inside the Stump.
This next room is called the Underground. Touch the circular stone object in
the middle of the room and touch the symbols in the order that you saw them in
the chest in the Attic. If you're too lazy, the symbol at the top will be #1,
going clockwise, the last one is the backwards "L" with the dot on top is #12.
Touch 1, 9, 6, and 10.

Notice the two lines of light that appear. Think of these light lines as hands
on a clock. The time is about 5:40 according to the light lines. Go to the Left
Foyer and touch the clock on the top of the wall. Set the time to 5:40 and get
the Stopper that comes out.

Go to the Bathroom and touch the bathtub. Put the Stopper into the drain. Turn
on the water to fill the tub. Dump the Goldfish into the tub. Fill the empty
bowl with water by tapping the empty bowl then the tub. Go to the Right Foyer
to dump the water on the fire to put out the fire. Get the 5 Ounce Weight.

Go to the Study and put the 5 Ounce Weight on the balance scale on the desk.
The picture frame will slide down and reveal the safe. Input the Combination of
"42-34-15". Get the Iron Key from the safe.

Go to the Foyer and use the Iron Key on the door in the middle of the Foyer.
Go in the door; this leads to the Basement. Solve the puzzle on the blue door.
The first circle controls all three dials. The second circle controls the first
and second dials. The third circle controls the second and third dial.

Go outside the blue door. The Epilogue (ending) reads:

"You made it!
I Knew you would be clver enough to follow the clues that I left for you!

Sorry for all the trouble that I put you through, but I did not want my secret
falling into the wrong hands!

I suppose I have some explaning to do...

Well, I was working on a new hypo-allergenic cat door that used used the power
of magnetism to remove loose hair and dander from the cats as they passed
through - you know how bad my allergies are - when I accidentally discovered
the formula for time travel!

Since my discovery, I have been on so many amazing adventures. Oh, the places
I've seen!

Thank you so much for finding me. You are the only one in the whole world that
I would trust with this incredible secret!

I have so much to show you!"


This is the end of the game. Fire Maple Games have announced a sequel in which
they will continue the story line.

Copyright November 2010 by FoxMcweezer1