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Posted by Dr. Guide on Aug 26, 2011
iSlash Achievement List

iSlash Achievement List

32 Achievements

Type: Game Center

Point Total: 920 Points

Super Slash
Complete a level with a single slash.
20 Points
Complete a level in less than 3 seconds.
20 Points
Clean Slasher
Complete a level without hitting any metal edges.
20 Points
Iron Slasher
Slash away all the metal edges.
20 Points
Over Slasher
Slash away 10% more than required.
20 Points
Nameless Hero
Fail when remaining area to slash is less than 1%
10 Points
Perfect Technique
Slash away more than 50% in a single slash.
30 Points
Dedicated Ninja
Play the same level 50 times.
30 Points
Sleepless Ninja
Play the same level 100 times.
50 Points
Crazy Slasher
Make 5,000 slashes in total.
30 Points
Psycho Slasher
60 pts
Make 10,000 slashes in total.
60 Points
Be Water
Complete a level without removing your finger. Minimum 3 slashes required.
30 Points
Combo Master
Slash 5 pieces greater than 5% each in a row.
30 Points
Flying Dagger
Complete a level before Doomstars explode.
20 Points
Complete a level after Doomstars explode.
40 Points
Ghost Hunter
Complete a level when ghost stars are invisible.
30 Points
Tactical Initiative
Get a bonus with your first slash.
20 Points
Talented Ninja
Get a bonus with every slash. Get minimum 3 bonuses.
30 Points
Bomb Squad
Destroy a Doomstar with a bonus.
10 Points
Use 5 bomb bonuses in a level.
30 Points
Need No Toys
Complete a level without using any bonuses. Get minimum 3 bonuses.
30 Points
Time Bender
Complete a level while Buddha bonus is active.
30 Points
Bonus Master
Get 100 bonuses in total.
30 Points
70 pts
Get 500 bonuses in total.
70 Points
Blade Runner
Get 5 extra blades in a level.
20 Points
Comet Killer
Destroy a comet with a bonus.
10 Points
Be Cool
Freeze 50 stars in total.
30 Points
Frozen Hell
Freeze 150 stars in total.
50 Points