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Posted by Jason Dunning on Sep 29, 2011
Where’s My Water? Review

Where’s My Water? Review

Where’s My Water is a very deceptive game. When I first saw it in the app store, I saw that it was made by Disney and that it starred an alligator. I definitely wasn’t expecting much because a puzzle game with a harmless looking alligator from Disney seemed like something I wouldn’t be interested in. Then I booted up the game and it quickly became one of the deepest most clever puzzle games in the App Store.

The game starts off with the main alligator in the sewer. All his friends all having fun in the sewer getting dirty but he is in his house and he wants to take a shower. Unfortunately, there isn’t any water pressure. So, the object of the game is that there is a pile of water and you have to drag your finger through some dirt to get the water into a spout so that the alligator can take his shower.

When you finally get the water to him, you get one of the most memorable level complete sounds and you are treated to having the shower curtain pull over and you see his silhouette as he finally gets to take a shower!

In each level, you are judged on how quickly you beat each puzzle as well as the three collectibles. Yes, you collect up to three rubber duckies throughout each stage and it is basically a fun spin on the stars from Cut the Rope. Essentially, collecting all three duckies in each level will keep you coming back over and over.

Now, I’ve heard some people comparing Where’s My Water to Cut the Rope in the way you need to get an object to an animal. I found that it is closer to Feed Me Oil but better. Where Feed Me Oil threw so many different options at you and it could take forever to beat each stage, Where’s My Water keeps it simple and that’s what an iPhone game needs.

As you progress through the 80 stages available at launch (more are in the works), the games gets progressively harder. There will be plants that grow if you get water on them, impeding your passage through an area. There will be different liquids that either eliminate the water giving you less to work with or the acid that eats through the stage making you work extremely fast.

At the end of the day, Where’s My Water is a game that you must own. While there are certain issues where your finger might take away more than what you planned, these instances are rare. That issue aside, the amount of game you get for $.99 is astounding and with the promise of added content, this will be a game I play for a long time to come. Angry Birds, the competition is catching up!

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