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Posted by Jason Dunning on Oct 2, 2011

Viking vs. Chickens Review

Viking vs. Chickens is a game from Uplay Mobile Entertainment. The premise of the game is that you are a Viking on a small plain that has to go and collect chickens eggs while dodging attacking chickens. You compete to get a high score while just dodging chickens and collecting eggs… That’s it.

All you do in the game is control the Viking either using a virtual joystick or the accelerometer (I suggest the joystick) and you go around picking up eggs that are lying on the ground. You don’t fight back in any way, you don’t have any interesting effects throughout the stage, it’s just walking around collecting eggs.

Sure, you could get a little bit of fun out of this if you are a real high score crazy person, but if you are, you could go and purchase any of the Angry Birds games. Which also happen to be the same price as Viking vs. Chickens.

Now, the game does incorporate blue and golden shells. The blue ones recover health that you will lose when hit by one of the chickens, which will hit you even if you clearly dodge them. The golden eggs give you certain powers such as setting fire behind you, putting the chickens to sleep or slowing down the speed of the chickens.

As for the sound in the game, they Viking sounds like a Gerard Butler in How to Train Your Dragon sound alike and his three phrases, he will repeat about every thirty seconds. To go alone with the poor voice acting, the soundtrack repeats for what seems to be every ten seconds so I had to play the game with the sound off after about 5 minutes.

If Uplay does manage to sell enough copies of this game to make a sequel, here’s what you should do: Make it Alien vs. Chickens. Have it be a twin stick shooter and then give the alien a small laser gun. Killing chickens makes them drop their eggs which you will collect and after a set amount of eggs, the gun upgrades. You can also get certain special powers that call in more of your alien friends and they abduct chickens and probe them or something.

If you make that game above, it will sell like hotcakes! As it is, Viking vs. Chickens is a game with no depth, no fun and no reason to buy it. Avoid this game at all costs.

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