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Posted by Alexander Bader on Nov 12, 2011
‘MK61+’ Calculator App Review

‘MK61+’ Calculator App Review

MK61+ is a calculator app for iPhone. However, it’s not just a carbon copy of the iPhone integrated calculator app, and does feature some neat bells and whistles, the most important obviously being that it’s a programmable calculator in exactly the same way as the physical range of MK calculators, and a few extra trigonometry functions and pure maths add-ons that are a little too obscure or academic to be found on the iPhone’s Calculator, even on its side in ‘scientific’ mode.

However, despite its very accomplished nature as a calculator, it is still just that; a calculator. The UI isn’t super-slick but that’s kind of the point (bear in mind that the original MK-61 was manufactured in the then-Soviet Union). If you’re a math grad or student in need of scientific functions with a retro feel its probably worth the $1.99.

MK61+ does what it’s meant to excellently, and there is always the niche of hardline ex-Communists who want to relive the glory days of their stunted manufacturing market by tapping away at their response to the Amstrad.

The app features a quick-access help system and a calculator reference guide, the ability to save and load programs (which can be saved in memory) and program memory with 160 cells – more than ample for most tasks.

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