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Posted by Dr. Guide on Jan 31, 2012
Megaman X Game Center Achievements

Megaman X Game Center Achievements








100-Yard Dash! (15 Points) Obtain Leg parts.
2 of Hearts (15Points) Obtain 2 Health Boost hearts.
3 of Hearts (15Points) Obtain 3 Health Boost hearts.
4 of Hearts (15Points) Obtain 4 Health Boost hearts.
5 of Hearts (15Points) Obtain 5 Health Boost hearts.
6 of Hearts (15Points) Obtain 6 Health Boost hearts.
7 of Hearts (15Points) Obtain 7 Health Boost hearts.
8 of Hearts (15Points) Obtain 8 Health Boost hearts.
Ace of Hearts (15Points) Obtain 1 Health Boost heart.
Bubbly Bat (20 Points) Defeat a Batton M-501.
Captain of the Seas (15 Points) Defeat Launch Octopus using his greatest weakness.
Carnivorous Tank (15 Points) Defeat D-Rex using his greatest weakness.
Daring Collector (20 Points) Pick up the items on top of the spikes in Sigma’s Palace, Pt. 3.
Dawn of Destiny (15 Points) Defeat Sigma’s second form using his greatest weakness.
Demon of Dimensions (15 Points) Defeat Boomer Kuwanger using his greatest weakness.
Emperor of Ice (15 Points) Defeat Chill Penguin using his greatest weakness.
End of an Era (15 Points) Defeat Sigma using his greatest weakness.
Energy Mine Reclaimed (10 Points) Clear Armored Armadillo’s stage.
Flashy Firefly (20 Points) Defeat a Hotarion.
Forest Base Reclaimed (10 Points) Clear Sting Chameleon’s stage.
Fortress Tower Reclaimed (10 Points) Clear Boomer Kuwanger’s stage.
General of Steel (15 Points) Defeat Armored Armadillo using his greatest weakness.
Hadoken! (20 Points) Obtain the ability to perform Hadokens.
Hard-Headed (15 Points) Obtain Helmet Parts.
Heartless Hunter (25 Points) Defeat any Boss within 10 seconds.
Insurance Plan A (15 Points) Obtain Subtank A
Insurance Plan B (15 Points) Obtain Subtank B
Insurance Plan C (15 Points) Obtain Subtank C
Insurance Plan D (15 Points) Obtain Subtank D
Intro Stage Reclaimed (10 Points) Clear the Intro stage.
Item Hater (30 Points) Clear Story mode without picking up a single item that was dropped by an enemy.
Loyal Wolf (15 Points) Defeat Velguarder using his greatest weakness.
Master of the Forest (15 Points) Defeat Sting Chameleon using his greatest weakness.
Maverick Hunter (30 Points) Clear Story mode using only the X-Buster.
Merciful Hunter (25 Points) Make it to any Boss without firing a single shot.
Nerves of Steel (30 Points) Clear Story mode without using a single Subtank.
New-Type Airport Reclaimed (10 Points) Clear Storm Eagle’s stage.
Nimble-Footed (25 Points) Clear any 1 of the 8 Maverick’s stages without taking any damage.
Oceanic Base Reclaimed (10 Points) Clear Launch Octopus’s stage.
Oil Well Sealer (20 Points) Sever Flame Mammoth’s trunk.
Oligarch of Oil (15 Points) Defeat Flame Mammoth using his greatest weakness.
Power Plant Reclaimed (10 Points) Clear Spark Mandrill’s stage.
Prince of the Skies (15 Points) Defeat Storm Eagle using his greatest weakness.
S-A Class Hunter (30 Points) Defeat every boss without taking any damage.
Sigma’s Palace, Pt. 1 Reclaimed (10 Points) Clear Part 1 of Sigma’s Palace.
Sigma’s Palace, Pt. 2 Reclaimed (10 Points) Clear Part 2 of Sigma’s Palace.
Sigma’s Palace, Pt. 3 Reclaimed (10 Points) Clear Part 3 of Sigma’s Palace.
Sigma’s Palace, Pt. 4 Reclaimed (10 Points) Clear Part 4 of Sigma’s Palace.
Snowy Fields Reclaimed (10 Points) Clear Chill Penguin’s stage.
Solitary Rogue (15 Points) Defeat Vile using his greatest weakness.
Speed Demon (30 Points) Clear Story mode within 60 minutes.
Tangled Web (15 Points) Defeat Bosspider using his greatest weakness.
Tough Guy (15 Points) Obtain Body Parts.
Tsar of Electricity (15 Points) Defeat Spark Mandrill using his greatest weakness.
Unlimited Potential (30 Points) Clear Story mode without picking up a single upgrade.
Unstoppable Firepower (15 Points) Obtain Arm parts.
Wall of Terror (15 Points) Defeat Rangda Bangda using his greatest weakness.
Weapons Plant Reclaimed (10 Points) Clear Flame Mammoth’s stage.
Whirlpool Stopper (20 Points) Sever Launch Octopus’s tentacles.
Will to Live (30 Points) Clear Story mode without using a single continue.