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Posted by Dr. Guide on Feb 1, 2012
Trenches Guide

Trenches Guide

Movement Tips:

1. To force all on-screen units to retreat, shake the device.

2. To cancel an ordered artillery strike, shake the device.

3. Touch a unit and slide your finger to move a unit.

4. Slide your figure across the sky to change your view.

5. Slide two fingers across the screen to move all of your units.




Rifleman: Your basic unit: 100

Engineer: They can fortify trenches, lay/cut wire, and carry grenades: 125

Sniper: This unit can take down your opponent from a long range:125

Machine Gunner: Shoots your opponents down fast:  150

Mortar: Shoots a bomb into the air that drops down to destroy your opponent.  175

Gas: Makes you opponents run away or dies if they do not: 250

Arial Strike: Bombs drop on your opponents and kills them: 250

Field Commander: They can only be awarded to you, you cannot spawn them. They are weak but they power up your troops. : Awarded


Tips to Win:

  1. Use the Trenches.
  2. Upgrade your Trenches.
  3. Have a variety of units.
  4. Don’t be afraid to charge or retreat.
  5. Spawn plenty of Machine Gunners and put them in trenches. By doing this you will win Easy mode very fast.


British Campaign Walkthrough

 Level 1:  This one is very easy, just spawn as many soldiers as you can and get to your opponents bunker.

Level 2: On this mission you need to do the opposite. Keep spawning snipers in front of your base until you have about 6, then slow move to their base. While you are moving keep spawning snipers. (You gain a new unit after this mission, you should choose the sniper.)

Level 3: Spawn a few riflemen at the beginning and place them in the trench. Stay in the trench until you have 3 snipers and riflemen. Then slowly go to your opponent’s base while spawning riflemen for back up.

Level 4: On this mission you need to protect your riflemen using the Gas bomb and Arial Strike. Slow push you opponent back with these as the advance your troops. Use you Gas bomb in front of them and the Arial Strike behind the Gas bomb. This will trap them and kill them. (Again you can choose a new unit, you should choose the Machine Gunner.)

Level 5: You now have Machine Gunners use them! They can take out your opponent faster that any unit. Spawn 2 at the beginning and move them to a trench. Then spawn a few Snipers and Riflemen. After you have at least 3 of each slowly start to go to your opponent’s base. As always though spawn units as you move.

Level 6: This one is pretty easy, you now have the Engineer (Sapper). This guy gives you a big advantage, all you need to do is spawn 1 of him and a few Riflemen and Machine Gunners. Just make should they are always together in the trenches and it should be easy. (You gain another new unit, I suggest you choose the Engineer.)

Level 7: This one is pretty basic, just use the trenches like normal and spawn those Machine Gunners. After you have a pretty big army you can run over your opponent. Just be careful since your opponent now has the Gas bomb.

Level 8: This one is not too hard as long as you know what you are doing. Basically just keep about 3 Machine Gunners and 3 Snipers in a trench and just keep spawning back up for them. It is pretty easy if you have enough Machine Gunners. (You get a new unit, I suggest the Mortar.)

Level 9: Another Easy level, just don’t rush it too fast. Build a strong army of about 3 Riflemen, 3 Machine Gunners, 1 Mortar, and 2 Snipers. You will be able to win pretty easy.

Level 10: This one is simpler than you might think. All you need to do is keep that Gas bomb going at their bas and use the Arial Strike on any it misses. (You gain another unit, I recommend the Gas bomb.)

Level 11: Just do what you did in level 9 since it is basically the same thing. Just make sure to take advantage of all of the trenches. Also watch for Snipers and Mortars!

Level 12: This one is kind of hard if you don’t know what you are doing.  Just keep your Commander at your base as you take your opponent down. Then escort your commander to the base with a separate army. (Now you have you last unit.)

Level 13: This is another basic level, just use the usual strategy and you will win no problem.

Level 14:  The Last Level, all you need to do is kill their commander and destroy their base. This is not that hard to do. Their commander is not much of a threat but he has a lot of heath. A few Machine Gunners makes quick work of him.  That’s it you win!


German Campaign Walkthrough

 Level 1:  Since this is the first level it is pretty easy, just make sure to spawn plenty of Riflemen.

Level 2: Do exactly what you did in the British Campaign’s level 6. It is basically the same. (You gain a new unit, choose the Engineer)

Level 3: This level is very basic, just spawn as many Riflemen as you can and charge!

Level 4: This level was pretty hard. You need to charge your opponent but if all of you guys die you lose and you can’t spawn extra guys. What you need to do is charge but retreat when you see a bomb headed your way. (You gain another unit choose the Mortar)

Level 5: This is another basic level just spawn your Riflemen, charge, and win.

Level 6: Another pretty hard level, all you need to build a bunker and hide! Just keep using the Arial Strike to defend and you will hopefully survive.

Level 7: This one is just a basic level. Just do the usual strategy to win.

Level 8: This is again just a basic level but watch out for the Arial Strikes. The Arial Strikes can catch you off guard. (You gain another unit, you should choose the Machine Gunner.)

Level 9: Again nothing special happens in this level. Just use you usual strategy and you should be fine. Remember not to charge to fast in this level.

Level 10: This level is pretty difficult, you need to make a Machine Gunner as fast as you can and place it in the middle trench. Just keep spawning more guys into the trench and upgrade the trench with in Engineer. Then slowly take the next trench, and then destroy your opponent’s base.

Level 11: This is another basic level but you need to be faster on this one. Do not slow down, just keep spawning Riflemen and Machine Gunners.

Level 12: The last level and easily the hardest level too. Keep the commander at the base and spawn Mortars and use the Gas bombs. After you have enough Mortars, Charge!



Ally Sloper’s Cavalry- 10 pts

Beat the Campaign on Easy

Shell-Shock- 25 pts

Beat the Campaign on Medium

Bombardier- 10 pts

Achieve a Field Promotion on any unit

Land slide- 25 pts

Win a battle taking less than half losses

Silent Percy- 25 pts

Eliminate 10 troops in one artillery strike

Military Cross- 25 pts

Eliminate 1000 enemy troops

All for One- 25 pts

Use every unit in one battle

Time Waster- 10 pts

Take over 60 minutes to complete a battle

Tea with the Maharaja- 25 pts

Win a Campaign without losing a battle

Time for Tea- 25 pts

Win a Skirmish in less than 3 minutes

Distinguished Cross- 50 pts

Eliminate 2500 enemy troops

Gibs Galore- 15 pts

Direct hit with Artillery

Victoria Cross- 100

Eliminate 10000 enemy troops

All the King’s Men- 50pts

All Field Commanders active at one time

Over the Top!- 25 pts

Win a battle using only Riflemen

Unbreakable- 25 pts

win three battles in a row in Skirmish mode

Hun-ter- 25 pts

Eliminate 100 enemies with Sniper fire

Bloody Sunday- 25 pts

Inflict 500 enemy losses in one battle

Rattlesnake- 25 pts

Eliminate 500 enemies with Machine Gun fire

Two’s Company- 15 pts

Engage in your first multiplayer battle

A Right Legend- 25 pts

Win your first versus battle

I’m With You- 25 pts

Win your first cooperative battle

Shrapnel- 15 pts

Land a direct hit with a Grenade

Pillbox- 25 pts

Improve a trench to bunker level

Pygmy Power- 25 pts

Amass more than 100 points on Pygmy Horde

Tour of Duty- 100 pts

Finish all three difficulties of Cooperative Battle with a GameCenter friend.

Trench Foot- 100 pts

Finish all three difficulties of Cooperative King of the Trench with a GameCenter friend.