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Posted by Dr. Guide on Feb 6, 2012
Broken Sword – The Smoking Mirror: Remastered Achievement List

Broken Sword – The Smoking Mirror: Remastered Achievement List

Type: Game Center

Total Points: 560




Game Completed
Finished the game
60 pts

Heavy Handed
Squashed the spider, now it’s just yellow goo
30 pts

Fire Escape
Bravely escaped from a burning room
30 pts

Borrowed Booze
Used guile and cunning to steal a gendarme’s flask of absinthe
30 pts

Dog Dunk
Dunked a pesky dog
30 pts

Sneaky Sneak
Knocked a Pablo into the dock with a low flying barrel
30 pts

Rescue Nico
Found and rescued Nico in the warehouse
30 pts

Coyote Stone
Got the ancient Mayan Coyote stone from Lobineau
30 pts

Escaped from Quaramonte Jail
30 pts

Medicine Man
Used a secret root to save Nico’s life
30 pts

Captain Ketch
Solved an ancient puzzle which points me to Ketch’s Island
30 pts

Dodged a wild boar on Ketch Island
30 pts

Going Underground
Found my way into a disused London Underground station
30 pts

Bad Timing
Failed to sneak onto a boat, moored on the river Thames
20 pts

Jaguar Stone
Snatched the Jaguar stone from Oubier’s corpse
30 pts

Eagle Stone
Found the Eagle stone in Ketch’s treasure chest
30 pts

Rescued George
Rescued George from the sacrificial slab atop an ancient pyramid
30 pts

Ancient Puzzle
Solved the giant wheel puzzle in the pyramid chamber
30 pts