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Posted by Dr. Guide on Feb 10, 2012
Ghost Trick Guide & Walkthrough

Ghost Trick Guide & Walkthrough

You’ll be met with a tutorial upon starting the game, after completing it the game will actually start.

-Chapter 1, Opening and Tutorial, 7:02 PM-

Possess the car door and stop sign to your left and then the ‘unfolding cot’ return to the real world and use your Trick. The cot will then unfold, and you can posses the lamp. After the scenes posses the corpse on the right of the lamp and rewind time!

After the scenes posses the lamp once more and then go into the mannequin directly above it. Possess the Tire to the right and then use your Trick on it. Doing so will flip the Mannequin up and allow you to possess the Fridge, use your trick twice on it. Once to open it and a second time to close it. Go back through the mannequin and use your trick on the Blender, and then go to the fan and turn it on. Possess the flag after doing so; the flag will rise up!

Possess the upper part of the bike and quickly use your trick! The bike’s bell will ring and startle the Hit Man, allowing the damsel in distress to get away from him, although temporarily. Possess the pedals and use your trick, the bike will then move slightly to the right. Use your trick on the lever directly above you. After the short scene posses the ladders and use your trick, after which go through the Street Light and Wrecking Ball. Use your trick on the claw and enjoy your victory!

Possess the bike and use your trick on the handle to shimmy along the power line, after doing so possess the umbrella and use your trick to open it. After regaining control possess the note that the Red Head picked up and attempt to use your trick on it, you’ll be interrupted by a phone call

-Chapter 2, 7:31 PM-

After proceeding through the phone lines you’ll be taken to a rather luxiorus room. Possess the file and attempt to use your trick, after which you’ll be filed away. Go to the projector and use your trick again. After the cut scenes use your trick on the projector again, but this time go into Ghost mode and posses the picture before it flips back over.

After doing so posses the control panel and use your trick, and then proceed to Lynne’s apartment via the phone. Possess the dog when you arrive and then rewind time. After witnessing the scene of the Pup’s death immediately posses the umbrella hanging over to the left. Wait inside it, don’t use your trick just yet. At the moment the Little Lady almost drops the headphones quickly use your trick to knock them into the fish tank underneath.

After this posses the Donut’s cart and use your trick to get it to move to the other end of the room, The Little Lady will follow, after this go through the star and up onto the spinning Christmas decoration, use your trick to get it to spin faster (and thus higher) and posses the latch over to the upper left. Use your trick to open it and then go back into the spinning decoration, slow it down again and then go back into the Star, use your trick on it and you’ll see a red ball land under the TV. Possess the bowl of donuts and use your trick to cause a donut to fall over near the ball. After this QUICKLY go through the star, spinning decoration and fallen lamp to get to the door under the TV, use your Trick when the rat is in front of it to knock it under the sofa, the puppy will follow and the little lady will too.

After the scenes proceed over to the phone using the Donut’s tray, after THESE scenes go back over to the right of the room and posses the star atop the Christmas tree and again use your trick to get Lynette to pick up the music box you dropped on the tree earlier.


-Chapter 3, 8:04 PM-

Possess and use the trick on the star again, after that posses the TV remote, after the scene proceed over to the other side of the room. You can now use the fallen star to get to the other side of the room, after doing so posses the wine bottle through the wall. Once there head upwards and open the latch on the ceiling, then use your trick on the Drinking Bird just bellow it, this will smack the rat down near the model windmill. After doing so trigger the pink haired woman’s dialog, she will then stand up looking for her dictionary. When she notices the rat use your trick on the windmill, the Rat will be knocked under the bookshelf and the woman will pick up her dictionary. Be sure to posses the dictionary, use your trick on the lamp when you reach the desk.

The pink haired woman will go speak to her daughter, after their dialog she will return to her desk and light the lamp. Wait for her to resume typing and then turn off the lamp again, she will make a typo and throw her paper over to the Waste basket, posses the paper as she’s crushing it into a ball to get across to the other side of the room. After you do this use your trick on the Waste basket and then quickly posses the paper ball again. Move up to the Pendulum, use your trick and then posses the phone! After the scene proceed to the new area, “Troubled Man’s Office” You can’t actually do anything here yet, so head back to the Junkyard after the short scene.

After moving you’ll be greeted with another scene, head over close to where the Doctor is and listen to what he says, you’ll be greeted with another scene, head over and posses the phone when Cannabela uses it, don’t bother heading over to the park, however. Listen in on the conversations again and the Doctor will find Lynne’s Pistol, examine the pistol and then posses the Telephone, heading over to the new location after the short scene.



-Chapter 4, 8:24 PM-

At the start of the chapter you’ll be greeted with Lynne, dead once more, speak to her and then rewind time.
You won’t be able to move right at the start, so wait for the officer to enter the room and then go to the phone using Lynne’s notebook, don’t bother actually going to the Chicken Kitchen, however. When the officer puts down the phone swivel the desk lamp around and then turn it on, the officer will then notice Lynne’s Notebook and make another phone call, this time to the officers outside the Super’s Office, this is where we want to go.

Ray will create a path for you to get up to the top of the Junkyard, so move up, turn on the blender, turn on the fan and then possess the flag. Doing this you can get up to the top of the area, once you posses the search light be sure to go into the bike that passes by, or you’ll be stuck in the search light! After moving to the other side of the screen turn on the search light, this will startle the Hit Man and he’ll move to a different area. Now, you can only have Two search lights on at once, so you can’t just turn them all on, sadly. Leave the search light on the right on, head back down to the bike and use the Guard’s Night stick to move over to the left, if you already turned off the search light to the left before moving turn on the center one. If not use the “Flashing Light” atop the police car to scare him away, this will also cause the guard on the left to come over, so you can use his Night Stick to get over to the last search light!

Now, just to be clear. The lights on the far right and center should be ON, the light to the left should be OFF, when the hit man appears on the left use your ghost trick on the large sign over to the left with the Umbrella on it. Do NOT open the umbrella yet. The Umbrella will hook onto the crates at the top of the screen, go into the hook and wait for the Hit Man to appear under you, when he does use your trick to crush him. After the scenes open the Umbrella, you’ll end up down at the bottom of the area again, head on over to the phone and then go to the Super’s Office.

-Chapter 5, 8:34 PM-

When you arrive head over to the right side of the screen and listen in on the conversation, when the guard in blue turns around use your trick on the step ladder to have him follow it, and then swivel the desk lamp around and turn it on, highlighting Lynne’s Notebook once more. After doing this the cop in green will use the phone, trace the call and then head to the new location.

After the short scenes the guard on the left will put a memo up on his board, use your trick on it to float over to the right side of the screen go over to the right and use your trick on the Emergency Switch, after doing so listen in on the conversation. After this the guard on the left will pick up the phone and begin speaking to someone, head over to the left and trace the call, head to the new location after the scenes. You’ll be greeting with yet another dead Lynne, go speak to her and then rewind time.

Move to the phone and trace the call when it happens, close the Kettle’s spout lid to prevent it from burning the guard, he’ll pick it up off of the furnace and hold it low enough for you to get back into the room Lynne died in. Possess the small ball, when it falls quickly switch to the Door at the bottom of the screen, quickly open it and then go to the tool box, wait for the ball to stop moving and then immediately use your trick, this will cause the ball to shoot across the other side of the screen and smack the cupid, spinning it around and burning the party poppers, rather than setting off the gun, After averting Lynne’s fate (again) speak to her.


-Chapter 6, 9:03 PM-

After the scenes we arrive on Chapter 6! Go upstairs and use the phone, head over to the ‘Uninformed Men’s office” and we can begin. Do what you did the last time, let loose a memo, activate the emergency switch and then listen in on the conversation. Repeat this two more times (Without activating the emergency switch) to trigger a scene, at this point the guard on the right will conveniently finish his tower of cards, so use them to move further to the right. After arriving on the other side of the wall press the switch and quickly move to the door. After doing this posses the Electric Guitar. After arriving in his cell move over to the right and go outside, Press the Emergency Button, go back into the Rocker’s cell after doing so. When the alert ends posses the note he rolls into a ball to move to a different cell.

Once you arrive you’ll see that the large man goes into a hole behind his toilet, we’ll be using this to our advantage. When he goes all the way into the hole ring the bell and quickly posses his spoon, he’ll throw it across the other side of the room and allow you to get into D99’s cell, Use the Picture Frame, Newspaper clippings and then the light to move over to the Blackboard. After discovering it’s got nothing on it head back the way you came, you’ll run into a short scene first. Go to the Internal Phone when it finishes and then head back to the Guard Room, You’ll be met with another short scene, head over to the new area afterwards.

Listen in on the conversation, and then use the antenna to get to the large screen in the center of the room. Lower the screen and then use your Trick on the remote control just under you to trigger another scene. After this go back to the phone to see another scene.



-Chapter 7, 10:05 PM-

Once you arrive at the Chicken Kitchen you’ll be met with TWO deaths! Must be Christmas. Will we ever arrive at a scene without a corpse? Probably not. Use the tire to roll over to the other side of the room, after doing so speak to Lynne, who’s dead under the huge chicken. After speaking to her, rewind time like usual, after doing so go to the small Bell on the table and ring it three times. Doing so will call over the waitress, allowing you to go into her Water Pitcher and move to the other side of the area, listen in on the conversation if you want, but you don’t have to. After the Waitress puts you down go into the Cart with the chicken on it to be taken upstairs, once you arrive go into their large red Trunk and listen in on their conversation, after doing so they will move over to the opposite side of the area, leaving you behind.

The Bartender will then set down the glass he was cleaning, use it to move over to the Bell sitting on the bar, this will call the Waitress back upstairs, once she arrives move back to the Bottle Dispenser and activate it. The glass will fall off of the bar, shattering on the floor. This will cause the waitress to notice that the two blue people left their Trunk behind. When the Bartender replaces the broken glass switch over to the Trunk and wait for the Blue man to come over for the trunk. Once you arrive at their table, listen in on their conversation, after doing so the crash will happen. Immediately move to the light and have it swing, after this move into the ribbon of the giant chicken, wait for it to start to fall and swing around, move into the Flashing Light atop the van and then speak to the corpse of the driver and rewind time.

The Objective here is to get over to the phone while the cop is using it, once you reach the driving segment you may as well just rewind, there’s nothing you can do there…well, nothing productive, anyway.
Once you gain control go to the Seat Lever and wait for the cop to throw his Binoculars into the back seat, after doing so activate the Seat Lever twice, and then move to the Flashing Light and activate it. Quickly move to the binoculars and he’ll carry you over to the phone! Trace the call and you’ll end up in the Chicken Kitchen’s Kitchen.

Once you arrive you’ll see the pedals on the floor demonstrated to you, you’ve probably worked out what you’re supposed to do here already. The idea is to use the switch over to the left to distract the waitress, and then switch the bugged chicken with the normal one, which is fairly simple. Move to the shirt and use your action to create an easy path around the room, after doing so wait for the waitress to use the switch, which will activate the large fans at the top of the screen. Then wait for the chef to place the chicken on the other plate, activate the switch and move to the Chef’s Hat, wait for him to pull his scarf, making his hat fall back and allowing you to move to the pedal! Wait for the waitress to move to the switch and then activate the pedal, simple!

Wait for the Chef to create a path for you with his hat, after doing so use the phone to go back to the main area of the Chicken Kitchen, head over to the table next to Lynne’s and call the waitress (ring the bell on the table three times) The waitress will have nothing for you to posses, and will leave after a few moments, call her back again and then move into the Water Pitcher she’s holding, after the short scene move out of the pitcher and speak to Lynne.

-Chapter 8, 10:55 PM-

After the dialog with Lynne you’ll automatically be moved to the Guard Room of the Special Prison, after the short cut scene feel free to listen in on their conversation, but it isn’t required. Use the internal extension to move to ‘Special Detention’ Once you arrive you’ll see that the area is shrouded in darkness, no problem for you, however. Move over to the right and into the generator room. Move to the light hanging from the ceiling and wait for a droplet of water to form next to you, move to it when it does so. You’ll end up in the bucket under the water droplet, move to the toolbox and use your trick to get it to knock an object onto the ground. Doing this the guard will notice his wrench on the ground and fix the generator, after the short cut scene move to the Grounding Sphere (The yellow sphere) and use it to move up to the top of the screen, move to a water droplet when you line up with one. Keep in mind you can move to the droplet while it’s still forming, it doesn’t have to be falling.

Move to the ‘Power Supply’ on the wall and manipulate it, after the short scene move to the lever on your left, listen in on the conversation the two Guards are having, after doing so wait for the guard closest to you to place his hand on the Electric Chair, activate the switch as soon as he does. He’ll fly across the room and land right under you, move to his Wrench and he’ll take you over to the electric chair. You’ll notice some more Water Drops to the right of the guard, use them to get up to the Head Piece and then rock it. Doing so will make it fall and startle the guard on the left, he will pick it up and throw it into the pile of rubble. Move to the large Cart and rock it so the head piece ends up at the front, move into the room and speak with Jowd’s corpse and rewind time.

After the scene depicting how Jowd died use the Internal Phone to move to the Top Row of Cells, do not go to the Guard room. Once you arrive at the cells move to the caught piece of paper in the drain, unfold it and the Rocker will send it to ‘Sausage Head’ after you arrive in the room ring the bell and then move to the Spoon. After you’re thrown across the room move to Jowd’s room and go straight to the Wastebasket. Wait for him to hold the Napkin over it and then Open it, doing so will create a large, red ‘O’ on the napkin, and Jowd flushes the Napkin down the toilet, see where it’s going? Move into Sausage Head’s spoon once you arrive, then move into the Generator Room, move to the switch in the room to the left and activate the switch, destroying the Electric Chair with no one in the room to get hurt.


-Chapter 9, 11:13 PM-

Once you arrive back in the present head for Sausage Head’s spoon. After the cut scenes head over to Jowd’s cell, use the picture frame to get over to the Bunk Jowd is hiding under and speak to him. If a guard spots Jowd it’ll be game over, so be careful. When Jowd reaches certain spots he will hide, like bunks for example. Move over to the Bunk in Sausage Head’s cell and wait for the guard next to Jowd to turn around, immediately as he does call Jowd to the bunk. The second Guard here is moving, wait for him to stand in front of the Bunk and then move to his Bulletproof Vest, allow him to carry you upstairs and then move to the second Guard’s vest, who is hiding between the floors. Open the latch to make him fall to the floor below, after falling he will not be able to get back to where he was, if he passes over the gap he will simply fall again, if you close the gap up he will just simply walk over to the left and then back. Close the gap up to keep him out of your way for now.

Move over to the Bell above the toilet and wait for the Guard to pass under you, move into his Bulletproof Vest and then wait for him to carry you over to the stairs, when he reaches the mid-point of the stairs he’ll turn around and move the other way, so move to the Empty Can and then to the Distribution Panel when he does. Wait for the guard to cycle his patrol again, and as he’s going up the stairs order Jowd to move to the Distribution Panel, the guards won’t be able to see him down there. Your objective is now to get Jowd into the area where the Third Guard was, in between the floors. This can be rather annoying to time, with the third guard now up on the top floor. I suggest waiting for the Second guard to be at the end of his patrol (The mid section of the stairs) before opening the hatch and letting the third guard fall to the floor, when the third guard starts going up the stairs and the Second guard is off of the stairs move to the Valve and command Jowd to move, he’ll climb up and hide next to it.

You can move Jowd freely after this, the guards won’t be able to see him under the floor! Move into the Guard’s Bulletproof Vest when he passes by, move to the Bunk when you get the chance and command Jowd to follow, move to the second set of Latches under the Rocker’s cell after you do this move to the drum set and play, this will cause the guard to stand underneath the latch, activate the latch and the guard will fall to the floor below! Make sure the third guard (The one patrolling the upper floor) is facing the other direction, if he is order Jowd to move to the guitar, he will flip out of the passageway, close the latch and order him to move to the Bunk, Jowd will then escape. Move to the Guard Room and then use the External line to go to the new location you just obtained. Speak to Jowd when you arrive, and then move to the Phone, go to the Justice Minister’s Office.



-Chapter 10, 11:41 PM-

When you arrive you’ll be met with another corpse, let’s be honest; when aren’t you met with a corpse at the start of a chapter? Speak to the Justice Minister and then rewind time, this chapter requires some rather precise timing, so get ready! Don’t bother tracing any of the calls, wait for the Justice Minister to knock the Water jug, and then flap the flag, it will knock the Water Jug back and steady it, the Minister will pick the jug up and drink it. When he does immediately move to the fan above him, you only have a split second, so be quick! Once you get into the fan use your Trick to make it ‘Spin Harder’ doing so will cause two documents to blow over to the other side of the screen, so move into one when it gets high enough, after doing this move to the Knight’s arm and activate your trick to make it salute. IGNORE the hanging basket and undo the Frame Hanger, return to the Knight’s arm and lower it, after doing this move to the curtain and close it, this will allow you to move over to the other Knight.

Once you arrive their raise the arm into a salute again, turn the Globe and then spin it to knock the yellow vase down, after you do this undo the second Frame Hanger, roll the Globe and then open the Curtains, raise the first Knight’s arm into a salute, turn the hanging basket, move to the upper section and rock it and then watch everything set in motion. Swing the Knight’s sword to smack the Medicine bottle over to the Justice Minister. When you arrive back in the present swing the sword again, Lynne will take notice and move you over to the Justice Ministers’ desk, listen in on the conversation when you get close enough, after doing this go to the phone and head to the location you traced earlier but didn’t go to, the place where the Justice Minister’s daughter is being held.

-Chapter 11, 12:10 AM-

When you arrive at the new location you’ll be met with a short Cut Scene, when it ends move to the candle next to your starting position and make it ‘Burn Brighter’ doing so will create a new path for you to get across to the other side of the room. Swing the hanging decoration on the right to have it get caught on the fan. Use the star to get to the other side of the room, get to the Candle sitting next to the hanging shelf and move it so it’s pointed toward the rope, after doing this return to the fan and use your trick to make it spin faster. Doing this will knock the ball down onto the floor under the candle, move back over to the candle and into the door underneath it, open the door and then move back over to the other side of the room.

Using the ball move to the two Party Poppers laying on and under the table, use your trick on both of them and then return to the Candle, make it burn brighter and then go to the fan, make it spin faster. Doing so will light the confetti that came from the party popper on fire, this will in turn light the candle on the opposite side of the room. After you manage to do this move back down to the Balance Toy and make it spin, this will set the other set of confetti on fire, light the candle (which you should have already moved to an angle) which will in turn burn the rope supporting the hanging unit and drop the clock, allowing you to open the Red Trunk. After the short cut scene speak with Kamila, another cut scene will follow after.


-Chapter 12, 12: 25 AM-

This chapter has no actual puzzle, it’s simply all back story and the like.
When you arrive back at the Minister’s Office you’ll immediately trigger a cut scene, when you regain control listen in on the conversation Cabanela is having with Lynne. After doing so Jowd will move slightly closer, allowing you to speak to him as well, after doing this listen in on the conversation (again) and then head to Lady Red’s Apartment.



-Chapter 13, 12:51 AM-

Your objective in this puzzle is to get the phone to the little girl and bed and keep her mother busy enough to use it. This is probably my favorite chapter of the game, just because it’s so ridiculous. Move over to the lighter and light it, the rope keeping the shelf up will burn away and the phone will slip onto the little girl’s bed. Puzzle sol- nah, just kidding. Her mother will take the phone and place it on the top shelf, and then move closer to the little girl’s bed, creating new paths for you!

Head up to the Latch that the rat is sitting on and open it, the rat will end up hanging from the pendulum. After doing this move to the clock and make it chime. The mother will notice the rat and give him a good smacking, this will also tilt the candle towards the rope holding the upper shelf, see where it’s going? Move up to where the rat is and turn the valve, the rat will be electrocuted, however his sacrifice knocked the power out. (Don’t worry, he’s just unconscious!) After doing this the mother will drop the Chandelier and light the candles on it, when she finishes move to the crank and turn it. She will then move over to the crank and raise the chandelier again, wait until she’s just about to move under the center of the Chandelier and then turn the crank, trapping her! Raise the chandelier again by turning the crank and then make the Chandelier Burn Brighter. If you haven’t already, open the second latch over to the left (Where the rat is) after doing this the rat’s tail will be set on fire, make sure the other latch is open, too! He’ll fall down and cling to the pendulum again, make the Pendulum swing harder and he’ll end up lighting the candles!

I think we should take a moment to respect how resilient that Rat is, I salute you, my rodent brother! After paying your respects to the rat bro move to the phone, you’ll automatically be moved back to the Minister’s Office after the short scene. Speak to the Justice Minster as soon as you arrive for some more back story and explanations, when he finishes head over to the Park, which moves us right on to the next chapter.

-Chapter 14, 1:28 AM-

Once you arrive you’ll see that Lynne ISN’T dead, and no one else is dead! Is it Christmas again? Head over to where Lynne is and speak to her…oh wait, there’s a corpse under the giant rock. Ah well, we almost got away with no corpses for once. Go over to the corpse and rewind time, time for the game to introduce something a little new!

Once you start go into Ghost Mode and go speak to the other Flame, once you regain control and after the short tutorial you’ll be back to the puzzle. Move Sissel to the right side of the seesaw, after you do that have Missile switch the Baseball and Wheel around, after doing this exit Ghost mode and wait for the ‘Park Guardian’ to start spinning on the Globe Climber. When you can switch the Basketball with the wheel, and then switch the Baseball with the Basketball. Finally switch the Baseball with the Wheel and then switch the wheel with the Basketball (So, the Wheel should be on the left, the Basketball should be on the seesaw and the Baseball should be in the Globe Climber) After doing this have Sissel make the Globe Climber Spin faster, and then use the boot to move up into the trees.

Rustle the ‘Love Letter’ attached to the balloon and then move to the Umbrella, close it to have it float down to the lower branch, once it lands open it again and wait, the Park Guardian will jump on the seesaw and shoot the Basketball up into the Umbrella, after he does this switch to missile and have him swap the Wheel and Basketball. After you do this the ball trapped up in the tree will fall down into the steel drum, allowing Missile to swap the huge statue with it! After knocking the ball down wait for the prompt, and then move missile to either the statue or the ball and swap them, sweet victory!

After the short scene (and losing Missile) speak to the Park’s Guardian for some more back story, after which you’ll automatically be taken back to the Justice Minister’s office, speak to Jowd when you regain control for even more back story. After everything is said and done we move onto the next chapter.


-Chapter 15, 2:55 AM-

When you begin you’ll immediately be taken to the Super’s Office, when you regain control speak to Inspector Cabanela, rewind time when you get the chance. Now, keep in mind that If the manipulator sees you do something, you’ll be met with a game over, time your actions carefully, you can do small things and he won’t notice, for example closing the spout lid on the kettle. Move to the Kettle and wait for the Manipulator to knock it from the furnace, when he does move to the lower floor. Move to the hoist and try to move it, it will crash to the floor. After doing so move to the tool box and open it, it will also crash to the floor. Speak to the Pigeon man and rewind time again.

Once you rewind time you can’t actually do anything, so wait until someone says something about being washed away and then look down to the lower right of the area, Missile is back! Rewind time to after the fate change and then have Missile move over to the Toy Cake next to Cabanela, move back down to the area you originally found him in and have him swap the large pile of books with the small pile. The rats will once again save your ghostly hide and knock the Trash Can’s lid off, quickly switch the lid with the wheel, and then when the lid falls over flat switch it with the trap door to save the Professor! After the short scene you’ll go back to the future, great Scott! Move back up to the upper floor and get ready for some precise timing puzzles!

Once you’re back up on the upper floor you won’t be able to move until the Manipulator knocks down the kettle again, so wait a little. As soon as he knocks it down move to the Desk Lamp and wait, as soon as he turns around swivel the desk lamp and move to the Helmet hanging on the unit, rock it so it falls to the floor, the Manipulator will turn around when it hits the floor, but don’t worry; he won’t notice. Move to the kettle and wait a little again. Once the Step Ladder is in range move Missile somewhere else and then move the Step ladder to the other side of the room with Sissel, move to the Knit Hat and make it Jiggle, move the Step Ladder back over to the other side of the room and then, using Missile switch the Knit Hat with the book at the top of the screen, the Knit Hat will drop down to where the Helmet originally was, after this wait again. When you’re given control switch the bullet with the hanging Knit Hat, Fate Averted!

When you regain control speak to Cabanela for some more of that good ‘ol back story, when Cabanela finishes speaking go ahead and speak to the Professor, too. After you speak to the two of them Lynne and Jowd will arrive on the scene, after the following Cut scene it’s on to the next chapter!



-Chapter 16, 4:19 AM-

Once you regain control speak to Missile (The flame next to you) and then have him swap the Baseball and Basketball, move him to the Vale up ahead when you finish. Move Sissel to the Emergency Light on the right and then have Missile swap the Basketball and Baseball again (Using the Basketball on the right this time) move Sissel to the telephone after finishing. Move to the location to be greeted with Lynne’s corpse, again! Move Sissel to the Wheel and turn it, and then rewind time.

As usual you won’t be able to move right away, so wait for the Manipulator to point his machine gun forward, when he does move up to the wheel above the phone and use your trick, the wheel will fall and knock the phone off the hook, allowing you to use it, go to the new location when prompted and wait in the Wastebasket for the capsule to be dropped onto the conveyor belt, open the wastebasket and immediately move to the basketball, move into the capsule when it’s in range, once you regain control move to the lever and lower it, after doing this move to the torpedo. When you get there you’ll see another Rat! This rat, however, is in the way. So we have to move him! move to the Gyroscope on your left (The big black thing) and stop it when it’s at the top of the screen, do the same for the one on the right and the torpedo will spin around, dropping the rat from his perch. After doing this move to the Joint and operate it to prevent the torpedo from exploding.

When you regain control move to the ‘Starter’ on your right and operate it, after doing this use it’s moving parts to get over to the Flash Light, turn the Flash light on after the short scene and Lynne will notice you and pick you up. Once you get control back move over to the valve on your right and turn it, then move up to the switch and lower it, after the short scene move to the flash light and turn it on. After yet ANOTHER cut scene the sub will start to flood, switch to missile and swap the fans around on the right. Large fan at the bottom, medium fan in the middle and small fan at the top. (The small fan is just up above where the large fan was originally, just out of sight) once you’ve done this switch to Sissel and move him to the Starter, operate it again.

Once Lynne is at the top of the screen activate the starter again and use the moving mechanisms to get up next to her, turn the valve to deactivate the steam to your immediate left. Switch to Missile after doing this and swap the pipes around so that none of them are blasting steam into the center. The one at the top left should be the one that only blasts out a little bit of steam downwards. When you do this move Sissel up to the door and move the hook down so Lynne can use it, once she’s standing on it move it again so she’s taken to the top of the area. Try to open the door to proceed forward to the next chapter.

-Chapter 17 5:10 AM-

Much like Chapter 12 this chapter just has a lot of story, rather than puzzles. Activate the control panel when you regain control and then move to the Phone, move to the Torpedo Room when you get there. Speak to Missile and then use him to swap the two switches around, activate the replaced switch and then go into the torpedo. After the scenes speak with Detective Jowd and rewind time, you can’t actually do anything to save Jowd, so move to the Manipulator’s corpse and rewind time…it’s time for the final chapter.

-Final Chapter, 5:26 AM-

Your time is very limited in this chapter, but it’s fairly easy; so don’t worry.
Like most chapters you can’t move right away, so wait for a path to be created for you. Once it appears move to Lynne’s headphones and turn them up, she will drop her Roasted Sweet Potato. Move Missile to Lynne’s headphones and leave him there for now, move Sissel to the basket and rock it, then move to the Nozzle and Spray, immediately move to the Sweet Potato so you can get over to the fountain in the center. Switch to Missile and move him to the Sweet Potato in the fountain, and then switch back to Sissel and have him make the fountain Spray Higher. Swap the Sweet Potato with Milo (The huge statue) and then swap Milo with the street lamp to the right. Wait for Temisk to strike after you finish. When prompted swap the Bullet with the Roasted Sweet Potato on the ground. After doing so you’ll be switched to Sissel, move to the Nozzle on the left and Spray, do it IMMEDIATELY as you get the chance. After this you’ll be switched to Missile, so swap Milo and the street lamp again.

With this, the game is complete. Enjoy your final few cut scenes and revelations.

Congratulations, Phantom Detective.