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Posted by Dr. Guide on Mar 28, 2012
Dooors Walkthrough, Solutions & Guide

Dooors Walkthrough, Solutions & Guide

Updated to level 50! Stuck in a level in dooors? This guide is a full walkthrough to get through every level in the hit game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The solutions and tips given below will help guide you to get beyond even the toughest doors.


Follow the simple instructions given below to get through each door.


1. Just simply tap on the door and it will open.

2. For this door, tilt your phone to the left to make the ball roll and then the door will open.

3. For this one, simply roll the ball left and you will find a key. Use the key to unlock your door.

4. See the chord? Pull on it and slip out when there is a gap.

5. Check under the left lamp and you will find a door knob, use this to go through the door.

6. Simply turn the light on and off a total of five times, and then you are able to exit.

7. Turn the dots (three of them) to black that correspond to the pattern on the door, then tap the door to exit.

8. If you tap the plant on the left you will get a small red item. From here, slide the door to the left and follow the arrow above the door.

9. Tap the circle on the right so the dot moves around and eventually turns green at the same time as the circle on the left. As soon as this happens, quickly tap the door.

10. Shake your iPhone to put out the fire, then lift the wood to reveal a tool. From here, slide the left plant over and place the tool in the middle circle. Tap it and it will lift the door up.

11. Use the red key in the dot above the middle door.

12. Change the colored dots to: [Top Left – Black, Top Right – Red, Middle Left – Red, Middle Right – White, Bottom Left – Red, Bottom Right – Black]. Then open the door.

13. Shake your phone to unlock the door, then take your match from the left flame to burn away the spiders web.

14. Using the levers, continue to adjust them until their slopes match the scratch above the door, then open the door.

15. Take the bomb from the bottom left and put in front of the door. Then light the bomb with the match. Now, roll the ball first to the left, following the arrows, when it is left pull the chain. From here, roll across to the right and pull again. Then left and pull three times, then right and pull twice. This should complete the puzzle so head through the door.

16. Turn your phone screen to face down and the door will unlock. Make sure to keep it down while exiting.

17. Slide the rock over and turn off the light, doing so will make the letters “E” and “T” appear. From here, change the left clock to 11 and the right clock to 7.

18. Tap the button on the screen to make the ball jump. When the ball is at it’s highest point, tap it again to make it jump even higher. Get both of balls to the roof and you can go through.

19. Slide both the left and right doors open, in the right door grab the orange ball. Now tap the two white dots in the doors to turn them green, then slide the doors back. From here, select the ball and tap the ceiling light to turn it green. Finally, slide the middle door up and exit.

20. Simply turn the dials on the right so they match the ones on the left. Now tap the door and you are done.

21. Angle your phone so it is facing down. Doing so will make the water levels both reach the line. Doing so will turn the light above the door green, now slide the door open.

22. Look under the left floor tile and you will find a magnifying glass under it. Use the magnifying glass to look at the back of the tiger on the right. If you look at the color of the fruit’s, these are the colors you need to change the dots to. Note that the top dot at the top you will need to place the orange ball there for it to work.

23. Simply slide the gate and balls out of the way of the left plant. Move it over and then tap on the dot to turn it green. From here, move the objects and slide the door open.

24. Using your match, light both of the fires. Pull down the levers from the right to left and then back again, then tap the door.

25. To open this door, use the spy glass on the Japanese flag (the one with the white background with red dot). Using the spy glass you will see the numbers 2562. From here, tap the piles on the floor to make them into the numbers you saw (2,5,6,2) and then open the door.

26. For this door, move the ladder over to the left and you will see a chain dangling up above. Tap it to open it up then pull the chain and the door will fly open and shut. You can pull the other chain to stop the door, so using both chains, simply time it right and slip out.

27. Simply toss the balls into the mouth on the door in this order – yellow, blue, red then green.

28. If you tilt your phone to the right you will lose the balloons and reveal the instructions. Now, adjust your volume down, then up, then down, then up again to open the door.

29. Pick up the knife in the bottom right, and then use it to cut the branches away. Now simply slide the white doors open and use the key on the right to unlock the door.

30. For this door, turn the blue birds around so the two that are on the left face each other diagonally, and the two on the right do the same. If done correctly, the light above the door will turn green and you can go through the door.

31. Simply turn device upside down until all the lights turn green and head through the door.

32. Tilt your phone to slide the rock across onto the button. Then use your match on the bees and you can go through the door.

33. Grab then use the knife to cut the cable and disable the lasers. Then you are able to slide the door in this order: right, left, left, left, left, right, right to open the door up.

34. For this door, slide the plants away off the screen to reveal the instructions. Now, tilt your phone to mirror the clocks. As you are doing this, the lights above the door will turn green. Once all the lights are green you can go through the door.

35. For this door, light both the candles with a match, which will reveal four words. Now match the towers that on the floor with the number of letters in each word ( 6, 4, 5, 6). After you do this, you can go through the final door and finish the game.


36. Tilt your device so the ball rolls to the other wise. Now, tap on the spot where the two arrows point two (the middle right) to get through.

37. Lift the globe and grab the ultraviolet flashlight. Light up above the door to reveal images of countries. You will need to tap which hemisphere they are in (left is lower, right is upper). [The countries are: Australia, Japan, Italy, New Zealand, India (so lower, upper, upper, lower, upper)]

38. Tilt your device to the right until everything goes over the line, then tilt your device slightly to the left until only the balls go over the line. Tap and the door to move on.

39. If you notice the image above the door, you will see that it wants the biggest box first, then the smaller ones. So tap the button that has the most space on the door, then the second, etc. (The order is Red, Green, Yellow, Blue)

40. Notice the pattern above the door, this means left, down, right. So first off, slide the door to the left, then slide it down, then to the right, and you are through.

41. This is the “workout” level. So what you need to do is (while holding your device) move the device away from you, then back towards you, then back out, then back in until the green lights fill up. You will need to do it rather quickly.

42. Tap on the left wheel until the marker hovers over the rain. Then tap on the right wheel until the marker hovers over the fire and you are done.

43. First thing is to tilt your device to the left until the bucket slides into view. Now tap on the bucket to pick it up, and tap on the remote control. Use the remote control on the tv above the door. Two dots will appear and will move around, their movement is a number. Type the number in the boxes beside the door by tapping on them (the number is 27).

44. Grab the brush on the floor on the left hand side. Using the brush, start brushing the wall and you will unviel footprints. Tapping on the two tiles will swap to different animals (or humans). Use them to match up the animal to the footprints and you are done.

45. You will need to get the pressure to 45 to get through this door. So keep tapping on the button (you may go around a couple times) until the needle sits on 45. Then just tap on the door to move on.

46. Tap on the screws so they match the patterns on the door. So the first one will be facing from top-left to bottom-right, the next one from bottom-left to top-right, etc. Then simply tap on the door and you are done.

47. First off, slide the gate all the way to the left until it’s gone. Then just wait until the eyes slowly fall asleep. The door will open when this happens and you can pass through.

48. Grab the weight on the left hand side and then hang it on the left hook. Then grab your bucket, fill it with water and hang it on the right hook. Finally, tilt the top of your device so it’s pointing downwards the door will fall down and you are able to go through.

49. First off, grab your torch and light the rope on fire that holds the two gates together. It will burn off and you can move the two gates away. Now, match the eyes with the buttons beside the door and you are done.

50. For this one you will need to mark exactly 50 of the lights to be green. There are 60 total, so leave 10 as still white and you are done. Congrats!


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