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Posted by Dr. Guide on Sep 19, 2012
Zombie Cafe Guide, Cheats and Tips

Zombie Cafe Guide, Cheats and Tips

It’s hard to find good help, which is why you’ve partnered with an evil corporation to use zombies as free labor to build your café empire. Prepare food, direct your zombies and manage supplies. If the competition gets too fierce you can always direct your zombie workers to attack a neighboring café and steal their secret recipes.


Raid neighboring cafes to steal recipes and toxin

Decorate your cafe with more than 100 items from the store

Collect and prepare more than 50 zombie-inspired recipes

Connect with your Facebook friends to form a franchise: order food, collect fees, and share recipes

Keep playing even when you don’t have an network signal, or cook while you’re online every day to earn special “Frequent Fryer” bonuses

Retina display graphics


Creating Your Chef
Your first task in Zombie Café is creating your avatar. You’ll choose from one of nine chef avatars, but don’t worry, if you decide later on that you don’t like it, you can change your chefs appearance at any time by tapping them, clicking on info and then selecting change avatar.


Managing Your Restaurant
Your café starts off as a very modest endeavor. You’ll have one table, an old stove and a bunch of stains on the wall. The money bag icon on the left hand side is your key to the store, you can buy new tables, chairs or even upgrades to the walls, equipment and fixtures. It’s incredibly important to find the right balance of enough seating and room to get around, as not having enough of either can drive customers away. Your first step (even before your first customer comes in) should be to move your original table to either the right or the left to make more room for more tables. It’s important to take into account that each table will only need one chair since only one person can sit at a table.

As your restaurant begins to earn money it’s important to expand and gain new stuff. Running out of cash? You can sell your previously bought items by dragging them into the store at the bottom of the screen.


You Are What You Eat
As you can expect, in Zombie Café, you’re going to be running a restaurant, and as such cooking is going to be priority number one. To cook an item, simply tap your character and then tap the stove to select an item, at first only a few items are available, but more will become available as you progress through the game. Each food has six different characteristics that you’ll want to consider before preparing it for your customers:

Price: What you’ll need to pay for the item

Ready in: The amount of time it takes to prepare the item, which could vary from minutes to days

Servings: Number of guests you can serve the dish to

Total earnings: how much cash you’ll earn for serving the dish in total

Total XP: how many experience points you can expect to earn by preparing an serving the dish

When cooking time is an important factor for multiple reasons. Regardless of what you cook, you’ll have to have have someone at the stove for the entire time. Also, if you don’t serve a dish quickly after you’re done cooking it, it’ll burn an you’ll lose it, along with any of the benefits you would have received from it.



It’s tough to control zombies, but luckily you’ve got a secret weapon, toxin. How important are these little vials? It’s basically catnip for zombies. The mysterious substance has a number of uses, depending on the situation, but odds are you’ll always need them. Toxins can be used to instantly revive fatigued zombies, or even instantly finish food.

It’s essentially important to have toxins on you at all times. The easiest way is to simply buy more by simply tapping the vial on the left hand side of the screen (you can buy them in small or larger quantities). You can also acquire more toxins during raids of other restaurants.


Your Workforce
Of course, you won’t be able to run your café all by yourself, and that’s why you’ve partnered with an evil corporation to use zombies as cheap labor. Infecting a customer is easy, just tap them and then tap infected and you’ll have instant walking dead. You can use your zombies for pretty much any job in your kitchen, but as long as there is food available and a waiting customer, they will automatically serve it. You’ll always want to have someone (you or one of your zombie workers) cooking.

It’s important to pick who you infect carefully, as different types of people will have different ratings and cost you more to zombify. The easiest are those with the profession that already seem to be in a zombified state, like couch potatoes or business men, while youthful, vibrant an energetic people will cost more to infect. Their ratings also play a part in other aspects of the game; ie football players that become zombies are better at raids than smaller, weak zombies.

Early on, you’ll only have access to a small amount of zombies, but as you progress and gain more money, you’ll have the ability to infect and thus employ more. The zombie head on the left side of the screen shows how many zombies you currently have, and how many you can have.

Your zombies aren’t invincible however, as they’ll get tired if you work them too hard, and revert back to their natural zombie ways, like you know attacking and eating people’s brains, and people won’t come to your restaurant or pay for food.

You can bring up a zombie’s fatigue meter by simply tapping on them. If the bar is low, rest them and send them outside of your restaurant, when their bar is fully restored, they’re ready to go back to work.


Zombie War
From time to time you’ll get notifications that another restaurant in town is stealing your customers. Of course you realize, this means zombie war. Well, sort of. Your first step should always be to go and visit the restaurant. Simply tap the map icon to see a list of competing restaurants in the area.

Pay attention to the level of the restaurant (displayed below the building on the actual map), if you’re above it, chances are you can attack and be successful, but if the other restaurant’s level is above yours, your best bet is to take your losses and go back after you’ve played for a bit or you’re going to end up taking steps backwards.

Zombie’s ratings also play a part in other aspects of the game; ie football players, sumo wrestlers and boxers that become zombies are better at raids than smaller, weak zombies.

If you choose to attack, you’ll have to issue attack commands to each of your zombies before they enter the battle, but you won’t be able to have any control once the battle has already started. If your zombies are victorious, you’ll win cash, XP and the all important toxins.


Get 10 Free Toxins

Zombie Cafe has an offer where you will prompted (in-game) to buy a separate game from the App Store called Herman the Hermit, and you will be rewarded 10 toxins. If you click “YES” you will be forwarded to the game on the App Store, you don’t have to follow through with the purchase and it will still reward you with 10 toxins.


Time Cheat
In the last update, if you use the traditional time cheat (where you go to the time settings in the iPhone and move the time forward) the game detects this and turns your place green. There is a way around this though.

Instead of changing the time, change the AM to PM (or vica versa). The game will go into the future but not detect the cheat. (this may change in a later update)



Best Zombie Types
Zombies are either: good at fighting, neutral, or good at tips. Make sure to get the zombies that are specialized in fighting or tips over the neutral ones.

Tip Zombies: Executives, Celebrities, and Politicians.

Fighting Zombies: Boxers, Foremen, and Engineers.


Acquiring Vials
Vials can only be acquired in the four following ways:

1. You start off with 5 vials

2. If you invading and successfully kill the head chef of an enemy restaurant, you have a chance to get a vial, though the drop rate is low.

3. If you are detected be be online and play for 10 consecutive days in a row, you are rewarded 5 vials.

4. You can purchase vials for real cash. The prices are:

50 Vials – $4.99
125 Vials – $9.99
350 Vials – $24.99
800 Vials – $49.99
200 Vials – $99.99


Win Zombie Wars
When attacking, the easiest thing to succeed is to ignore the patrons screaming and panicking and concentrate on the restaurant staff and chefs, then turn to the general public.


Efficient Waiters
Waiter zombies only need contact the table to serve it, so make sure and setup your tables so that the distance between the tables and the counter is as low as possible.


“Dead” Zombies
Attacking is the only way a zombie can “die”. If one of your zombies does die, you will need to either use a toxin, or wait 8-hours for it to come back.


Burning A Dish
If you burn a dish, it is destroyed. The pot becomes blackened and can no longer be used. So to avoid this, when you finish a dish, make sure not to leave it on the stove longer than the cooking time x2. Beyond this, it will burn.


Customers Available
The number of tables you have in your restaurant determines the number of potential customers you can get. Note that tables need to have a chair with it as well, so overall they do take up a lot of space.


Doubles the cost, servings, and earnings.

Decreases cooking time by ~10%.

Very Quick
Decreases cooking time by 20%.

Allows for better tips.

Very Fresh
Allows for far better tips.

Increases cost by 80%, Increases earnings by ~33% (1/3).

Very Fancy
Increases cost by 70%. Increases earnings by ~67% (2/3).

Allows for better tips.

Very Spice
Allows for far better tips.

Decreases cost by ~33% (1/3). Doubles cooking time.


Make sure to download these cheat guide apps from the App Store:

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