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Posted by Dr. Guide on Aug 3, 2012
Burn the Rope Guide

Burn the Rope Guide

How to play:

1. In burn the rope you set the rope on fire and try to burn as much of it as you can. Turning the ipod in the direction of the flame will help you. If you turn the ipod just right not only will the rope stay on fire but, it will also burn faster. This helps you get through the puzzles faster and 100%. Remember to keep the flames pointing at the rope to win!

2. There are three different medals in the game. You get the bronze medal if you burn 60%. If you get a bronze then you go to the next level. You will also get a silver medal for 80% and gold for 100%.

3. There is something else important for you to remember. You get to choose where to set the rope on fire. This will help you solve a problem easily by picking where to start the fire. Also every time you start a fire it burns at both ends, so you can choose which ends to keep burning.



Bugs and Flame Colors

1. Sometimes the rope will have bugs on it. You must burn the bugs to get 100%. There are three different types of bugs, ants, beetles, and spiders. Each one also does something different.

2. Ants will cause the color of the flame to change when they are burned. The flame changes to the color of the ant you burn. Also if you burn another ant of a different color then you will change to that color. Only certain colors can burn certain ropes.

3. Beetles burn beneath the flame. They can only be burned by the color that they are. Remember you will have to burn all of them to get 100%.

4. Spiders do not have a color unlike the other bugs. When a spider is burnt it shoots a web that you can burn to connect two pieces of rope together. This will help you get through those tough levels.




1. Remember to use the bugs to your advantage. They can help you get out of some tough situations and burn different colors of rope. Just remember to burn them at the right time. Remember that they move around so wait for them to move in position. Also the bugs movements are at random so do not think it will always be the same.

2. Use corners to your advantage. Flames burn at both ends when you touch the rope so if you touch a corner it can help you a lot. Just don’t turn that corner to soon or you could put the flame out.

3. You can control more than one flame at a time! This is key to getting gold on most of the levels. You will mainly just have to practice this. If you follow my other tip then you should be able to control more than one flame.



By following everything on this guide you will be able to win this game with ease and win your medals.